Dietary Supplements (Leucine vs Lysine? )

Hey guys,
I’ve never tried Suplements before.
But I have lost a lot (a lot) of weight, and I need to gain or mantain my shape.

I was recomended to take some Leucine. I went to the shop, and they sold me Lysine (figured it out when I came back home) … the shop doesnt have Leucine, so my question is…
is it the same? or at least very similar? … will I benefit from it? or should I look for the Leucine instead?

Thanx for your ideas

Not the same. Both are amino acids but with different structures. I would not purchase either. If you can’t eat a balanced diet to maintain weight you could try a WHEY protein supplement. For weight maintenance a taking in a complete protein source is easier on the wallet and the stomach.

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thanx a lot for your answer.
I bought it already (Received Lysine instead of the Leucine I asked for) So, basically… should I take it? or just dispose them and get something else? (Like Leucine)… Here, the Leucine is REALLY cheap for some reason like $7 for 2 months.

I’ve seen some doctors on youtube saying terrible things about Whey protein. thats why I discarded those alternatives.

My own personal opinion is to not take any single amino acid. However many athletes do supplement their diets with amino acids.

Many, many athletes use WHEY protein and have for many years. I dont believe there are any bad effects UNLESS you supplement very high dosages of WHEY for long time. But then you could say the same for milk protein, soy protein etc.

You need to do some of your own research to decide what you MIGHT need to supplement based on your goals and overall present health.