Who's your favourite cycling TV pundit?

Do you watch cycling races? I want to know who is your favourite English speaking cycling commentator on TV.

Sean Kelly


I always have a special place in my heart for Phil Liggett.

Rob Hatch is probably my favorite from Eurosport/GCN.

Sean Kelly would be next on the list.


I enjoy listening to Chris Boardman, find with his knowledge as a rider and his analytical thinking he comes out with some interesting stuff.


Carlton Kirby with Sean Kelly as the Boy Wonder.

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Rob Hatch for his enthusiasm and knowledge. He always says just enough to highlight happenings in the race and help whomever he is working with shine. I also really like Matt Stephens and José Been.


Rob Hatch, José Bean, Magnus Bakstadt

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Phil Liggett, Paul Sherwen (RIP). Full stop.


Brian Smith and his always have to get St Mirren into a conversation to matter what race he’s commentating on

David Miller, Sean Kelly & Chris Boardman

Carlton Kirby, hands down. Then Matt Keenan down here in Oz.


I really like Robbie McEwan and Matt Keanan but the SBS live TV is abysmal with ads coming right when the race is going nuts and the app is so buggy that you need to reload it every 10 min.

GCN does have Hatch (who is hilarious), Kelly, Lloyd, Smith who are all brilliant. Plus Orla with the Break away is a great post race way of bringing it all togther.


Bakstadt commenting on his daughter’s win was brilliant. How he held it together I will never know.


Cosmo Catalano if YouTube highlights count. HTRWW wins the cycling internet for his analysis.

David Millar + Ned Boulting on ITV4 are the best for road cycling.

I really enjoyed listening to Jo Rowsell’s insight while watching the track cycling coverage at the Tokyo Olympics. She took the edge of Carlton Kirby and put him in his place when needed.

The only thing Carlton Kirby is good for is waffling for hours on end during live broadcast when there isn’t any action happening. Jonno’s recipes were a nice distraction during quieter moments of Le Tour this year.

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Definitely NOT Carlton K…just awful!
Far too busy talking about himself.
My vote would be Adam Blythe and David Millar


David Millar and Ned Boulting are a good double act for the road cycling.
Rob Warner and Bart Berntjens on Red bull TV for the MTB are a great pairing as well.
Boardman is great for track as he has such an in depth knowledge.

The worst by far is Rochelle Gilmore on any type of racing. Her commentary on the Olympic MTB XC races was absolutely dire.

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I enjoy Matt Stephens and love Ant McCrossen and Hannah Walker coverage during the Vuelta. Living in the U.S., opportunities to watch coverage of racing was lacking until recently. Thankfully we now have access to some great British personalities through various apps

Another Saints fan here - love hearing them getting a mention!

Mainly watch on GCN/Eurosport but one of the good things is that they all bring something different to their commentary but I don’t think you can top Rob Hatch.

Only gripe from both my wife and I is Dani Rowe and the constant dropping of the t in van Vleutan!

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Always fun having Rob Hatch commentating with Brad Smith and Sean Kelly on the side talking about racing tactics while Adam Blythe and Dan Lloyd take turns making fun of themselves.

Phil Liggett and Bob Roll called Paris-Roubaix for USA! That was a happy surprise, once I finally found the coverage.

:hearts: :hearts: :hearts:

All the feels.