Working out power levels for events

Can anyone recommend a good formula, web based or DIY, that would help me work out ideal power levels for different events I take part in, for example the bike leg on a 70.3 triathlon.

I’ve seen a few different calculators but don’t know which to trust. Some just ask for a distance and time you want to complete it in and then give the power needed, but I want to give it my FTP and a distance and have it tell me what power level would be good to try to stick to.

I assume that would give me my best chance to get a good time as working by speed would mess up on a hilly course and by giving just a time I could be over optimistic and go off at a power I couldn’t maintain.

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Good question Robin, you should find some good insights in here:

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Thanks, I’ll have a read.

Is this the type of system you are looking for?

I know nothing about them, or their cost, but what they advertise seems to be what you are asking for.

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That looks very geeky but also very cool.

It took me a while to find the pricing, there is a free level then either $19/month or $119/year so I’ll see what the free level gives first, hopefully that is enough for my needs.

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