Stryd & Critical Power Integration with Running Workouts

I think for those of us who either would like duathlon plans or triathlon it would be good if you use a Running Power Meter whatever brand that you you could import your Critical Power figure and after doing that all your running workouts would be based around your CP figure just like your 4DP for cycling. I think this would make the running workouts much more appealing to subscribers and then you could push your workout straight to your device. Unfortunately a lot of companies would have you create your own workouts which we know can be very tiresome and time consuming and in the end can get so boring you give up in the end. But if the workouts are already there in the app and all you need to do is import your CP figure then that would make it much more accessible to users. I know this might not be high on the priority list but I think it would be something to really look at in the future and from Wahoos point of view surely it would create an opportunity to bring out their own Running Power Meter as more and more athletes train with power instead of HR or Pace.


Good shout, and I completely agree. Wahoo want to make Systm the comprehensive tool for different sports, so I’m sure this will be on their agenda.

I’d be tempted to get a stryd if I thought using it could be simplified in a similar way to indoor training experience, and all through the same app.

Sir David has already said they’re working on exporting workouts to head units for outdoor training, so you’d hope billing in power for running would be considered.

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That’s why I like the Stryd System so much you can use their workouts or use the workout builder which lets you create workouts in minutes and then push to your device in under a minute. That’s the way it should be and I don’t understand why others don’t make it that easy. I’m thinking in the future Wahoo might do the same where you can create your own workout like the No Vids workouts.