Workout profile missing

So just noticed this week that the profile is missing on the workout details page. This is using android phone. Pretty sure it used to be there.
I’ve restarted the phone and its still the same.
Anyone else had this?

The profile is there in my Windows 10 version of Systm. Likely an Android issue.

Working for me on Windows 10. On Android phone the profile graph shows but for some reason it displays an old Wattage value for the FTP line - I updated my 4DP recently and it shows correctly on Win10 profile graph and also in the athlete profile on Android.

Odd. Might be worth clearing the cache for the app?

Update: Clearing the cache fixed the incorrect FTP display on Android.

If you’re still having the problem, delete the app off the device and reinstall. That should clear out any data corruption that might be causing the problem. If that fails, call the minions.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. It’s still working on my windows pc it is only the phone that’s playing up.
I’ve tried clearing the cache and that hasn’t done it, so I guess I’ll have to uninstall it and start again.