Workout would not resume, then not save

I paused a workout to pick up a dropped towel and tried to resume maybe 10 seconds later. It would not resume and stayed frozen for maybe 30-45 more seconds. No taps anywhere on the screen did anything. It then resumed on its own and I completed the workout until the finished popup came up. I hit save, and again it was frozen. I left it that way for 5 minutes or so. I used task manager to shut down the app. Some time later, I check Strava and the ride showed up there as completed, and I then checked SYSTM and it showed completed and saved. It came out OK in the end, but was distressing at the time. I’m running current Win 10.

Please submit a ticket so the developers can look into this. One question: Were you streaming or were you using a downloaded file?

Submitted. I was streaming, but I’m confident it wasn’t a connection issue on my end.

There are several issues with the Streaming Servers that were reported to the Minions. Wahoo is working diligently to figure out what is going on. It doesn’t affect the application download servers for some reason though.