Wout van Aert

I just settled in to this Inspiration video. There are no subtitles? Should there be?
English speaking from the directing staff at times but that’s all.

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I didn’t get subtitles either. Weirdly, I enjoyed it anyhow even without understanding most of the talking.

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I opened a support case with this same question and got the answer along the lines of “we don’t create our own subtitles, but we do show them if they exist.” Makes sense, so IMO the real shortcoming on the SYSTM side is failing to note that in the video description. Looking at other subtitled Inspiration videos, the text is rather inconsistent as to whether there are subtitles or not.


Yikes! Yes there should. I’ll check that out tomorrow and get it sorted. Sorry you had to watch without understanding what was going on!


Grunter says we all need to speak Flemish!!!


Thankyou for the reply

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