Changement de Roux - no Subtitles


I did the new inspirational video workout titled Changement de Roux this morning. I thought it would have english subtitles, but there were none and the entire video is in french. I couldn’t understand anything, but I was able to get through the workout.

Yesterday I did Colombia Connection and the english subtitles came in no problem.


Hi @clarkeellis and welcome. The wrong video version, sans subtitles, was initially uploaded but this should be fixed now. See this comment for more info NEW in the SUF App: Our 'INSPIRATION' category


It’s not fixed quite yet but I’ll update here once it’s ready to go.


Same here. Did this morning Changement de Roux according the all purpose plan. But also no subtitles. I understand a little bit of french… but not enough to understand the video :slight_smile:
Hope it’s fix soon for the other users who going to do this workout.

This should be fixed now. I’m very sorry about this everyone!

I had it scheduled for today and no video at all!
Just this message: Error: Error downloading video for Changement de Roux

I tried everything, also impossible to stream, says video cannot be loaded.

After hours and having to train, what to do? Better just play another video. The only I found failing in the inspiration list is exactly the one I was scheduled with.

Very unhappy with that. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Really sorry you had problems with downloading that, Alvaro. Seems to be working here. Could you please email so we can look into it for you?

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