No standing cues in Local Hero

So in the 3rd and 4th MAP efforts in Local Hero there are standing prompts in the original video, but the SUF sound effects (and standard SUF prompts) are not added.

I don’t know about others, but the only thing I can see during those intervals is the sweat pouring onto my handlebar. It’s some kind of accident that I ever noticed that there were prompts. I get that the original video has been kept intact (for nostalgia or maybe inability to remaster), so maybe it’s possible that in spite of that, GvA has decided not to enforce the particular agony of these standing sections and deliberately left out the sound effects (and optionally standard prompts)?

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Valid point, but yeah…

Local. Hero. Must. Not. Be. Changed.

 //Sufferlandrian National Archives//
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Not asking to edit the video. There are already updated sound effects overlaid for effort starts though (vroom vroom sounds), not sure about visual overlays, maybe not. But anyway, the standing dings could be added without editing the original video. I think adding the modern prompts on top might be good too, but depends how it fits over the original text.

I’m pretty sure these overlaid effects are programmatic/metadata-based, not by video remixing, as you can hear the sound effects sometimes even if the video is buffering and sometimes even for a second after pausing the video and audio (including in local hero). What that implies is, it’s very easy to apply these effects. At most, maybe there’s a second audio track that has to be reconstructed for the effects, if even that, which reminds me also, it has a separate volume control.

I suppose one could look at this as an interactive session. If somehow you’ve been slacking off so much that you’re still trying to remember who the drummer was on the soundtrack and entertaining yourself with what’s on the screen, then you deserve to stand? Otherwise, carry on?

Feeble standing cues have been a pet peeve of mine. I’d prefer a few seconds of warning and something that I can’t so easily miss while suffering. Stand banner at the top is not that good either as the top is often not where I’m looking. Near the data fields and targets at the bottom of the screen would be much better.