Yoga for Runners

I was just wondering,

since The Sufferfest caters to not only cyclists but runners, as well, and is marketed as the “Complete Training App for […] Triathletes”, is there a big difference between Yoga for Cyclists and Yoga for Runners?

Are there certain sessions that suit better to one sport than the other?

On Yoga15 I can see specific courses for almost any sport.

As a runner, am I missing out on doing only The Sufferfest’s offerings? :slight_smile:

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I generally find for running, anything that targets hips and lower back to be pretty good. But then, they’re good areas for most people who work at a desk as well :slight_smile:


Thanks, that’s already pretty good input. I think it’s fair to say that stretching is one area I absolutely need to focus on more.

I guess my question was pretty vague; Let’s simplify.
I‘m only using the SUF yoga videos, but I‘m mainly a runner. Am I neglecting certain parts of the body? Is the SUF yoga too cycling specific?

Would there be merit in extending SUF yoga to incorporate some running specific sessions?

(…merit…hah, I‘m not even sure I‘m using this correctly. I‘m leaving it in. It sounds fancy. “Added value”, I mean.)

From personal experience:

Hips, hamstrings, and calves always help me after running anything longer than 5 km.

Full body is great beforehand, too.


I’d say there’s enough in the library to cover what you need. The balance ones combined with any that target your tight spots plus (if not already your weak spots) the hips etc mentioned above makes a really good combo for running. Last time I was focussed on running was when I did daily yoga using the Suf library and it made a huge difference.

I’ve also got a Yoga15 subscription and I’d say there’s obviously more videos to choose from which is nice for the variety, plus it has a run plan. But effectively the poses you need are all in the Suf library. But I’d love to see more of the videos brought in as well as hopefully one day having yoga plans or some kind of searchable tags so you can quickly find the ones recommended as good for running.

I do think that to a certain extent yoga has a large component of being lifestyle specific as much or even possibly more than sport specific if that makes sense?!

Apologies as I’m rambling a bit as I’m tired lol

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Never thought about it this way. I like this approach.

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Overall- you are absolutely benefiting as a runner from the SUF yoga videos that have a target for cyclists. The two sports have many similarities; high frequency repetitive movement, predominately lower body, sagittal plane (forward direction), alternation of muscle activity between joint flexion/extension… (you probably get the point)…

Therefore the current videos that focus on lengthening the posterior chain muscles (low back, back of thigh), hip mobility, and core strength (just a few examples) will be beneficial for the maintenance of quality training and injury prevention for both running and cycling.

If you have any recurrent pain due to running, such as knee tracking, you may want to supplement with issue-specific exercises. In this example, targeting your medial glutes may be helpful.

Happy weekend! Jinger