Your best advice for an Absolute Beginner

Holy ***, I can never keep it short, can I?
Who the heck is supposed to read all this drivel :joy:

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No honestly it’s so helpful! The part about making it a lifestyle really resonates with me so much. I grew up avoiding sports - I don’t know why and it is stupid. Im now ar a point in my life when I’m ready to start taking care of myself in a more meaningful way and making exercise part of my life is definitely something I need to work on, mentally as well as physically. I really value your advice and examples, and I’m so excited to slowly become this person! Great tips on technique also, I’ll definitely keep an eye on the videos and hopefully as I get accustomed to riding I’ll start noticing areas of improvement too.
Thank you! :hugs:

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Thank you so very much to all of you who took time out of your day to share your advice, it really means so much! I love all your points and it’s given me a lot to think about - and I’m particularly grateful to have this thread to return to on difficult days or when motivation starts to wane. There are so many great pieces of advice on here which hold true for all beginners who might stumble on this thread. The warm welcome is so wonderful and unexpected - what a truly special community this is!


Just going to leave this here.


Welcome aboard!


A friend of mine…her FTP is less than half of mine and she absolutely crushes me, every single ride. Don’t worry about your FTP. It’s just a number that is relevant for you and you only.


This. Yeah don’t do the compare thing. I got back on the bike last fall after 20 years away. Rode Igniter in Oct/Nov. Have ridden it probably three times now. Every time showed improvement over the one before. Rinse, repeat. You’ll get there.


Oh me Goodness! I knew they have lasers. I had no idea they are doing THAT! :flushed::flushed::flushed:
My best wishes to the poor dude…


There is another test called the 4DP or Full Frontal. When you’re ready to take it, watch this video. I watch it every time before I do FF.


Remember, FTP is used to set training metrics, not your self worth! It is just a number! And since we’re all so different, it’s not worth comparing it to others. Yes, being competitive is fun, but save that for racing!

Most of all have fun, enjoy the bike, and be consistent. If you do those things, you will for sure see increases in fitness.