100mile training

Just finished my 14 day trial and decided to do a training plan for a 100 mile ride.Just done 20 months of zwifting and tbh,this seems soooo much better.Looking forward to some grueling sessions.


@Robert_Morrice Welcome to the community! I definitely have improved my performance here, and recently completed my 100 mile bucket list ride (actually went for 152 miles). I find the structured training programs gave me a huge benefit over my previous strategy of just riding frequently and as hard as I could muster on each ride. The one thing that surprised me was the MTP option of the programs. I thought mental toughness program (MTP) was not necessary, and didn’t take it for about one year. After taking the class, I found I was able to push myself a bit harder in some of the short sprints … which helped my overall FTP and fitness. I think the key is to be open and explore to find out what works best for you. As for grueling sessions, you will find plenty of those here. Enjoy!


Welcome aboard!

Was just wondering if the 100 mile route was a flat route or hilly. In regard to mental assistance :thinking:i find indoors is super difficult incomparison to outdoors,but with a decent movie/boxset its doable.

I think I misunderstood your original question.

There isn’t a mile based route in SYSTM. The sessions here are time based with a power intensity profile. Virtual miles are calculated based on power output during the ride. Thus, you can choose several of the endurance rides (such as Endurance 5) which would give a very flat power profile.

My comments were related to the progress I saw after joining. I was no where ready to ride 100 miles in a day … and the training programs I followed here resulted in strong, steady gains over the past 18 months.

There is a road plan for a 100miler and there are gravel plans for 100miles and 200miles. They are geared to get you fit to ride these distances as race events.

Thanks and i currently doing a 10 week plan.Not the same as zwift,as I’d just do Mega Pretzel of PRL Full.

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