Tour of Sufferlandria 2015 is on the calendar! Let's keep it going!

ToS revival 2013 and revival 2014 and wrapping up. So kids guess what time it is???

Time to announce the Tour of Sufferlandria revival tour 2015. We kick off on April 29th, after The Tour 2023, whatever in the hell that is.

Here is the line up. Note that two of the Stages are the original (harder) version; Original Blender & Fight Club Vintage Sufferfest.

I assume GvA was the rat bastard idiot responsible for the closing two stages. :nauseated_face:


I am really REALLY looking forward to you doing Stage 8!


I was hoping you would pinch hit for me on Stage 8. What do you think?

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I’ll get back to you on that Sir…

Don’t hold your breath

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I may just join you for this enterPAINment. I had to skip this due to surgery at the advice (smart I might add) of my coach.
What were the original days for this? I found that I did the first day in early January but I don’t think that was correct.

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Violator is misspelled…And as much of a pain as I remember it!

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he’s doing the one with the other rodent. It’s new. Volator!


Definitely the endind of ToS 2015 ToS is not as sweet as the ToS 2014 :grimacing::hugs:


I did this last night after just finishing ToS 2014. I’m surprised that was the only error.

We would love the company kind Sir. I’m sure with your entry, Sir Glen will be jumping right in as well. :wink:


I’m in! Some of my favs are in there! Just to confirm, Stage 8 is a joke, right? Right?? :crazy_face:

I first rode the ToS in 2021, so I have yet to complete a 9 stage version. It should be…interesting? :fearful:


Well look at that Sir Stuart @Critmark, seems like you’re picking up some soigneurs. :clap: :clap: :clap:

Not soigneurs. They are generally just giving assistance to the riders. Were talking about intrepid souls willing to take on the journey head-on!



I’m sure GvA thinks it’s funny, but alas, no it is not.


100%. Meant to say domestiques. My bad!

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Sir Stuart @Critmark, Honorable DS:
I have loaded all of the stages on my calendar! As I am not a Knight, I do not have access to the vintage suffering that is the original Fight Club. Would you like to add a second vid to that stage since I will be riding the less-suffer-ful version? I do not know how the old compares to the new, so I am not sure what is needed to bring the stage up to par.
Gotta maintain the integrity! :wink: (In truth, I’m just avoiding being found out and sent to a flogging station!)
Thanks! (??)


It’s rare I’d ask for this but please Sir Stuart @Critmark have mercy on the poor soul.

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@guilloma Joanna do you have access to the Original Blender? Here are the differences in the two rides in question.

Original Blender: Time = 2:13:10, TSS = 159, IF = 0.85
Blender: Time = 1:41:47, TSS = 120, IF = 0.84

Fight Club (Vintage Sufferfest): Time = 0:59:07, TSS = 78, IF = 0.89
Fight Club: Time = 0:55:38, TSS = 64, IF = 0.83

As you can see, Original Blender is much longer with a higher TSS as a result. Fight Club is just dialed back from the original. Please let me know about your access to Original Blender and I will, as DS for this vintage challenge, assign an adjustment.

As for the mercy requested by Sir Glen, I would give it much more consideration if he were participating! :thinking:


Interesting as the Blender in the 2015 version is the one that is marked Blender. I know of no other version. The current one should be what was ridden then, but the intensity was lowered.

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@jmckenzieKOS curious as to why the Original Blender is not the correct ride for 2015. As a Knight, if you go to the cycling Library and search for Blender you will get three results: Blender, Blender (Mini Version) and Original Blender.

The list of rides for that ToS just says Blender however, there would have been no reason to label it Original in 2015 if it was the only version at the time. Perhaps I should reach out to the minions to see if I can get any insight as to the release date for both.

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To my knowledge, Original Blender (now a No-Vid) was Sir @Coach.Neal.H’s original concept from way back when, before even Sir @David.McQuillen.KoS conceived The Sufferfest.

The 2015 TOS used the video known as Blender.

Mini Blender came after that as a “snack-sized” (read: under 60 minutes, for the time-crunched athlete) workout that took the best elements of Blender.

If you are recreating the 2015 TOS you should use the Blender video.