2022 GOALS - with a Personality Quiz to Help

Happy New Year Team SYSTM!

It is goal setting time! This week we are going to learn about how to modify your racing, training, or fitness ambitions based upon your personality. We will start today, Monday, by creating a goal (please share if you want). Each consecutive day this week, Tuesday-Friday, there will be five personality questions to answer with an explanation of how to revise your original goal to maximize your success. Fun right?!?!

Create a GOAL using the S.M.A.R.T. strategy.



I’ve got a few goals but one is to get back to my “ideal” weight by May 1, 2022 and to maintain it for at least 1 year. Happy New Year Dr. J!

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@Glen.Coutts Sir Glen calling out the coaches!



Lol. I was actually just gonna move it but didn’t want to presume and get sent to another flogging station if I was wrong (which I often am :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Happy New Year Glen!
May 1 is 16 weeks from now… is your ideal weight within the 1 lb or .5 kg maximum of loss per week? I particularly LOVE the maintain for 1 year clause!


Good question coach. The answer is yes and no. I use the term “ideal” weight because dropping 16 lbs would be “ideal” for May 1 but I’d expect to keep going after that. May 1 is my level 1 “ideal” as that’s when I’m most likely to be able to ride outside again. It’s less about a number than how I feel and look in cycling kit.


My next goal - which is one I set in summer 2019 but got postponed due to COVID multiple times: ride Liege Bastogne Liege sportive, the day before the pro event. I do not have a time target, but want to be fit enough to enjoy the ride.


YAY!!! I love when enjoyment is the primary goal. Do you know what “fit enough” means in order for that to happen?


“fit enough” clearly doesn’t fit the SMART credentials. But to put a number to it: I’m aiming to have an FTP in the 4.3-4.5 W/kg region and then focus on extending the “mean time to exhaustion”


For about half a dozen goals, but happy to apply this to them all. Curious as to what Tuesday brings.


Cool! Looking forward to this week.

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Thank you for the nice reminder of the Suf’s - SMART approach, which I like a lot.
And a happy New Year for you too.

Right now mine are in order of priority:

  1. retrain ourdoor running from 0km up to 5km by March, 1st week;
  2. re-add 2 days/week at home weight training to 1/week PT to enhance max’s;
  3. proceed with gmb.io mobility exercises on 3 days/week to acquire some of the program’s movement goals;
  4. cycle outdoor and/or Systm as much as possible on 3 days/week & from 1st week of March start training for 70km, 800hm cycling tour on June 6th.

Adding only if my Garmin’s nightly HR<~58/min and its body battery >~35.


Big picture is balancing love of 3 sports running, biking, and swim (pool & OW) without burning out or fatigue.

But more specifically:
Increase lean body mass weight to range of 122-127 from 118 (3-7%) over 8 months (pounds)
Swim 100 yard pace to 1:52 per from 1:59 now in 12 months (adult start as swimmer)
Half Marathon and 10K times at 2:00 hour for Half. estimate now is 2:05
Haven’t figured out FTP, but had been ~ 170 in progress goal

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Day 1 of questions to help you revise your original goal. For each of the following pair of characteristics, select the one A. or B. that accurately describes you. Even if you agree with both options, think about how you approach most life scenarios, and select one. Answer honestly with how you really are in situations where you are free to be yourself.

A. expend energy, enjoy groups
B. conserve energy, enjoy one-on-one

A. outgoing, think out loud
B. quieter, think to yourself

A. seek many tasks, public activities, interaction with others
B. seek private, solitary activities with quiet to concentrate

A. external, communicative, express yourself
B. internal, reserved, keep to yourself

A. active, initiate
B. reflective, deliberate

Add up your number of A. and B. responses.

IF the sum of A. answers is greater than B. then you are more extroverted. You are energized by other people and social settings. It is ideal for you to talk about your goal with a partner, coach, mentor, or friend. Make sure you listen to and incorporate their feedback.
BOTTOM LINE for GOAL SUCCESS: share your goal with other people

IF the sum of B. answers is greater than A. then you are more introverted. You are energized by calm settings. It is ideal for you to think and reflect about your goal independently. Do not rush the process and finalize your goal when you feel comfortable.
BOTTOM LINE for GOAL SUCCESS: take time to create your goal


Interesting. I remember a million years ago doing a Myers-Briggs type indicator test with results indicating significant traits of both. This little quiz was similar and similarly leaned to A. No surprise then that I was the first to jump in with my goal on this post, lol!

Which shouldn’t really be taken on its own and only related to the more commonly accepted Big Five personality traits.

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Noted, and trust me, I’m well aware. Was a Psych major in school and a Psychiatric Nurse by training. Twas all grist for further exploration and reflection. Interesting nonetheless.


Didn’t mean to stand on your professional toes, Sir!

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Lol. No offence taken. Just wanted to let you know I was aware of the limitations, assumptions and utility of psych/personality tests.


Ride the Fred Whitton sportive in the Lake District (UK) on May 8th 2022 with greater joie de vivre

Rode it for the first time last September and managed to crest all the climbs without touching down but my time was …. meh, pants.

So I need to be stronger. Just did a Climbing SUFestive 500 and intending to train hard until ToS Nuclear, then FF, then another 8 week build up to NH @new4DP before May 8.

Okay, so that’s the plan at least …. cos you gotta have one right :laughing: