Post Full Frontal 4DP test

hi all,

just finished the test last night and when I go to my calendar on my phone today to add some training and looking at plans, I am still getting a message that my workout profile has estimated values and for optimum training stimulus etc etc … so why I am still seeing this message ? any ideas ? I went to my profile and can see my 4DP results there … should I just ignore this message ?

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Edit: welcome to the forums @aurtan!

I’m wondering if the “cloud” hasn’t updated your results yet.

When you open a workout, can you tap on the settings gear (top right corner) and check that your 4DP numbers are in there?

Should look something like this:

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just checked, updated results from my 4DP shows there…

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I’d just ignore the message then. It looks like your 4DP profile is being used and not estimated.

Edit: I’ll add congrats on getting that FUGLY test done!