4dp display

Wondering if there had been any speculation about whether to display power during full frontal or rely more on rpe to get a more honest assessment. I feel like there may be a tendency to chase numbers and not effort, resulting in less than optimal assessment. But the power metrics can also serve as motivation. Recommendations?

I can see the benefit of not displaying power if it affects your effort. I monitor my power to help with pacing.


This depends on how well dialed in you are to your gears and cadence.

My best feeling of FF came when I upgraded from virtual power to a pedal meter and, due to the large discrepancy in displayed wattage, turned off the power display but by that time I knew my gears and RPE from riding both indoors and outdoors.

It worked for me but you have to be self-assured about your RPE.


Previous metrics from virtual watts, now on kickr. Happy with the sustained efforts the top end will need some work it seems. Getting the gearing and cadence is tricky.

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