Which metrics to show on screen during FF?

About to tackle Full Frontal for the first time this Weeknd and wondering which metrics besides Power to keep on screen and focus on? Want the right ones but don’t want to get confused by having too many. Thoughts?

I show power, cadence and HR when i ride FF (or any other workout for that matter, all other data (speed, distance) is pointless in my opinion…).

But I know others (@JamesT ) who only test by feel only and don’t show power. Not sure if he uses HR.

Edit, if riding by feel, RPE is probably a good idea.


@anlolofa92 I generally don’t make changes to the display but if you want to do so I would suggest including power, heart rate and cadence … and of course the clock. The trick is to not look at those metrics too much. Just ride at the appropriate pace yourself and mostly keep your eyes on the riders.

Also check out this thread if you haven’t already:

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If you can see your metrics, you’re doing FF wrong.


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@CPT_A Agreed - just saw this on PinkBike and it is pertinent to this thread.

Jolanda Neff Raced on Legs and Heart at Olympics


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I do power, time, cadence

cadence and power help me to dial in the effort, since during some of the minutes you can’t trust RPE

and then of course time, to help make sure i empty the tank as much as possible. Although i bargain with myself about how often i’ll look at it. :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, the only effort for which i really need metrics to help pace is the 5 min. I don’t feel a ton of pain at the beginning, so pure RPE can overcook. It’s basically, i go out with a hard but somewhat lower RPE, finish with basically max RPE.

with the 20 min, i can really feel the difference between just right vs. too high