Transition Ramp up Training Plan

There is a new 6 week Transition Ramp up Training Plan.
What is the difference between this plan and the 6 week Fitness KickStarter plan ?
What are the main benefits of each plan ?


Hey Nico,
The main difference between the two are:

Kick Starter: put together for riders who have not been riding recently and the plan looks at getting you back into a routine and firing you up again.

Transition Plan: If you have been riding alot outdoors and now going to use the trainer more in the indoor season, this plan has a bit more strength and yoga in it allowing your body to ease back a bit after a tough outdoor season.

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I have just finished the grand fondo plan and I’m looking to do the in season Xc plan at the beginning of December. Would one of these plans work as a maintenance plan? I’m looking to ride outside a bit more but have some workouts that push me to keep my fitness up. Thanks

I would say the transition plan is a good option:

Alternatively you could consider the building blocks?

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isn’t that a descritpion of transition down program ? the transition up is similar to the kickstarter, right ?

Transition up is similar yes. I would say kickstarter is for those who have spent a little longer off the bike and spends a little more time on each 4DP aspect as opposed to Transition up is if you have spent less time off the bike or maybe come off a few weeks recovery.
Both great plans :slight_smile:

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