A masterclass in Mental Toughness (Spoiler alert TDF St 14)

Well I’m not sure how many times Michael Matthews has completed the MT Program but Wow! what a demonstration of the mental aspect of winning. Numerous commentators have said he had the best legs on the day but I’m not so sure - when Bettiol passed him on that final climb he looked absolutely spent, perhaps even broken. But only for a split second. He looked down at his legs and at one stage it looked like his left hand went down to his quads to check they hadn’t turned to jelly (or perhaps massage out a cramp!).

And then “Bling” remembered his Why (see below) and directed that new found power to his legs. What a masterful demonstration of mental power!

“I was thinking of my daughter on the final climb the whole way up to the finish and my wife, how much they sacrifice for me to make my dreams come true. Hopefully, today I showed them the reason why.”


The way Micheal put his stamp on the whole stage was nothing but phenomenal!

And immediately after crossing the finish line he took his radio: „Always keep believing!“

Absolutely sensational!
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