"A Week With" thoughts

I thought they were both a ton of fun. I hope more are planned.

I found them both to be a little easier than expected, which I think is cool and I see myself using them as “palette cleaners” between training blocks. I’ll definitely be doing both again. The easy feeling could also be related to my doing them right after Full Frontal and maybe I’m still settling into my new workout levels. Not sure.

I did about half of each in Level mode and think that made them quite a bit more fun. The workouts I did in Erg mode, I wish I’d done in Level. There’s something about the vibe of these that, for me, makes them feel less like training and a bit more like riding. I think that’s why I also found Level mode more engaging. I usually prefer Erg mode for “workouts” (with the obvious exceptions of the workouts that suggest Level mode).

I now do Ian’s morning workout/yoga/core workout several days a week, though now without the app. It’s a great 30ish minute routine that’s helped me be a little more active off the bike. It’s also really easy to customise, once you’ve done it a few times and establish a rhythm with it.

So yeah, please more of these. I was a Sufferlandrian for a year or so before the move to Systm. I liked Sufferfest a lot (still do), but it sometimes the vibe was a bit off for me. I’m really digging the slightly more “grown up” flavour that’s come with the rebrand. No shade at all intended with the previous, I’m just trying to give some context.

Keep up the good work y’all.


Agree in general, except for Rabbit Mountain. I didn’t do them in the prescribed order so it is possible that I did that one in a otherwise tough week, but I found that one memorable for how hard it hit me.