Calendar Request

So…I’ve just spent considerable time trying to get the sound and video on cadence builds, holds and single leg…
Eventually I remembered that there is no sound or vid :roll_eyes::rofl:
Could the calendar (for those with a goldfish memory) give a heads up to no music/no vid so we can head to our paincaves suitably prepared??!!
Also… totally loved the HD Fluffy in revolver :t_rex:!!!
Loving the new app and all the features :+1:


Hey Christine, sorry about that. I am guessing you did the workout on SYSTM?
We tried to put a reminder in when you click on the tile and see the workout description and also when you start he video there should be a message in the first few seconds.
Glad you enjoyed catching up with Fluffy :slight_smile:

I would also love a very visible icon for NoMusic like the NoVid Icon in the of Sufferefest App in front of the workout name. grafik You can also take the new Icon if you prefer ist :slight_smile: grafik Then there is a NoVid and/or NoMusic Icon displayed at the top so you can’t miss it.

On workouts I did often I no longer read the description and miss things like this.

This would really help on the workout preparation front. My time to suffer is quite limited so I prepare everything beforehand and once have my timeslot I change into my gear, hop on the bike and I don’t want to get off the bike again once started, search for music, start it and get on again.
Those are the little annoying things once gone you don’t notice but make the app really great!

I prefer also the old NoVid display from TheSufferfest when you enter a workout from the calendar the new NoVid is way to subtle in SYSTM.

It was way more visible than this:

Please add the NoVid icon grafik in front of the workout name and introduce a new NoMusic Icon too. I missed this one already in TheSufferfest App.
This would really help my user experience and lets me suffer uninterrupted!


Thanks Thomas, I’ve passed on your request, you can also use the feature request tab for this :slight_smile:


Which “feature request tab”?
Do you mean creating a new Thread in the forum with the topic set to “Feature Request”?
That would also be nice to have for the current Thread but it seems I can not change it. Maybe @Christine-B or a moderator can do this.
It is also more (or less) the same feature request.

@Thomas Check this thread:

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