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Do you have a question about physiology, training plans, workouts, etc? This is the place to reach out for help from our knowledgeable community. Our Wahoo Sports Science coaches will stop in now and then as well to share some insights and also answer questions.

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I want to do a training plan but they all include weekends which I can’t do. Can I do anything about this?


Hey Kathy, check out our customised training plans to get something tailored to your needs and availability :slight_smile:

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Hello Cody,
I wanted to confirm if I should be picking the training end date as the Race day or have the program end sometime sooner. I have a 1/2 IM distance (70.3) race on July 10th. and want calendar both the pre-training week and the 12 week program correctly. Can you advise?

i ride the GF La Marmotte on 27the June 2021.
Because its the first time that i use The Sufferfest as a training app i started in the month of december with the granfondo trainingsplan .
The schedule will end on 14/03.
Is it better to stop it now and start with the All Purpose plan and start again with the GFplan 12weeks before the start of the Granfondo?

Hey, if you are on a plan which ends with an event putting the race day in will work just fine as we have a taper week in the final week.

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Hi Christophe,
if you are midway through a plan, I recommend seeing it through for the full 12 weeks.
You will then still have time so can jump on another plan to work on your climbing for example?


Hi Cody, I have some questions about polarized training within de Sufferfest trainingplans. Where can a start a topic or find one concerning this subject?

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Hey @Ludi_van_den_Bergh,
I’m sorry that I missed your message here. Here is a topic that is started if you want to continue the conversation there or you can start a new topic. I’d put it in the training category when you create the post.

In my efforts to drop a bit of weight I am calorie counting. Having just finished the "weeks with Ian and Neal’ (which were great) the calorie count was significantly lower than that shown on my Polar Ignite watch. Which do I believe?

I just did the Full Body Strength Level 2 and have been sore in my legs for a few days now. Have done two days of easy spins to help flush my legs but still sore. Any suggestions to ease the soreness?

Hello @twalker1 Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is common and can be worse when returning or starting out a new routine. Your 20-30 minute easy spins will help but you could do some stretching and foam rolling as well. Check out a few of the basic yoga sessions. Keep up your fluid and electrolyte intake.

Happy Training!

I am currently running the all purpose road plan after completing the halfmonty and am on week 5. All of the workouts were really hard at first but I have adapted and now the workouts are relatively easy. I don’t have another fitness test for another 3 or 4 weeks. Should I keep doing the workouts even though they are easy or should I just go ahead and perform another fitness test? If I do perform another fitness test, will my workouts in the rest of my plan update to my new fitness numbers?