Switching end plan Full Frontal by a race


I’m following a 12 weeks “All purpose” plan.
At the end of the plan, there’s a FF test.
I finally decided to take part in a road race at the same date (it may be not a reasonnable decision for a 51 years old guy ! :laughing: ).
Can I keep following the plan, considering I’ll be “on top” this day, or do you think I’d better make more significant changes, or even thinking about the “customized plan” option ?

Thanks in advance for your help, and sorry for my bad English…


I think racing on the day you had the FF scheduled will have you primed and ready to CRUSH it. P.S. make sure you do Primers the day before the race :slight_smile:


I should add that, depending on how far out the race is (is it still 12 weeks away?), and depending on the type of race you are looking at doing, the Coaches may have some other suggestions for you so you could consider a call with a coach. It looks like they are not offering Customized Plans atm. The website hasn’t been updated to reflect that yet.

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I started the plan few weeks ago already, I’m in the 6th week.

So depending on the type of race, length, expected time on course, amount of climbing, you may want to add some volume to your plan or even consider deleting the current plan and replacing it with one that more closely matches your event. You can use the same end date and it will truncate the new plan. You won’t lose anything you’ve done.

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These are races that are about 50 kilometers long, so less than 90 minutes effort.
The “high weeks” of my current plan have some workouts that are long enough I think, and a weekly volume of more than 9 hours. For example I rode “Strade Bianche” Proride last saturday, followed by another 1 hour workout.


I think substituting a race for a scheduled full frontal is perfectly fine.


Crush the race. Remember like Sir Glen @Glen.Coutts said, do Primers the day before to make sure your body is awake and ready. Also, start hydrating TWO days before your event (this will allow your body to adjust to the increased water load without excreting it all out.) Food plan similar. Just like you should if you were going to do Full Frontal.


Primers is planned the day before the FF, so no problem.
Do you think I should warm-up before the race with a sequence inspired by “igniter” workout ?

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I’m 53 and wish I could start doing some racing again. Sigh.

Think it’s a great idea. Good luck!

Sorry, I wanted to say “Primers” the day before :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I’ve corrected my post :blush:

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lol, well now mine looks funny so imma delete it. Good luck with your event!!

Yes or Openers. Good luck on your event.

@Jtridon and @CPT_A 51 and 53…really? I’m 66 and have an imperial century coming up. It is just a ride. If they decide to bring it back though, there is another century that I want revenge on. That is generally in Nov. There were five of us hitting it pretty hard. I just missed completing the 100 miles in five hours, by 6 minutes.

I want that ride again, bad!


Have a look at the No Vid warm up workouts too. They might be easier to do on the road, especially the 10 minute warm up. It would be a good idea experimenting with the different warm up options prior to race day to see what works best for you. Try using those warm ups prior to a work out and see which feels best.

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That’s awesome! Mine is more about just (lack of) availability of events, not desire or interest.


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@Jtridon - I would stick with your plan. It sounds to me like training is going well for you, and I think you will be more than prepared for a 50k road race. As the rest of the group suggested stay on top of hydration and use electrolytes. And also fuel well before, ensuring you are refueling with carbohydrates immediately following your sessions race week. I agree with the @TTDragon with experimenting with warm up efforts prior to big sessions during your training plan to see what works best for you. It is also a good idea to test out your nutrition and hydration strategy prior to race week as well.

As Sir @Glen.Coutts suggested, if you do want more in depth advice, you can always schedule a Chat with a Coach.

All the best!


Hey, I get it. That Nov Century has been cancelled the past two years due to Covid. I just hope they bring it back. Many of my favorite events have been cancelled and many have said, never to return.

I had done Tour de Cure here in Silicon Valley for many years. They went virtual the past two and it is just not the same.

Hopefully we will start to see some normalcy soon!

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If there was not the langage barrier, I would already signed for this :pensive: