SYSTM app can not load activity


I have issue with new SYSTM app. When I finish activity I can not load it in the app. I get error ‘This activity could not be loaded’
‘Something went wrong loading SYSTM. You device may be offline or we may be having issues on our end’

I do trainings on iPad which has stable internet connection. Videos work smoothly. After I finish training I see green icon on calendar which makes me think that activity is completed and synced. But there is certainly something wrong:

  1. I can not go into details due to error above. I tried on different devices like mac computer and iphone and I get exactly the same symptoms.
  2. I have two separate entries in calendar: first which was planned and second which was completed. I think they should be merged into single one after I finish planned activity.
  3. I did 4DP test and all metric was updated but rider type and metric visualisation graph is still from old historic test in the sufferfest app.

I know that it looks that my ipad is not syncing it to wahoo servers but…in the same time this activity syncs without any issues to strava. I have all activity details there. It means that wahoo server get my activity and sync it to strava. On the other hand support claim they do not see any completed activity under my account…

Do you have any ideas?


I think there is a server issue on the SUF side, I got this error from their API:

Application error

An error occurred in the application and your page could not be served. If you are the application owner, [check your logs for details]( You can do this from the Heroku CLI with the command
`heroku logs --tail`

Hi Michael, sorry you’re having issues. If you are still struggling, please contact the customer service team.

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I have support ticket opened last week. No progress at this time.

Hi @michalp do you have SYSTM and Sufferfest on all machines ? Just in case The Sufferfest is stopping the workout data uploading properly. I’m sure you’ve already done all the following updated all software deleted then reinstalled SYSTM and made sure SYSTM is running software 7.2,2

Hi @Shaned1972 thank you for your tip! You were right, it was sufferfest app which stopped proper sync.

Uninstalling both and installing SYSTM fixed all issues.


Hi @michalp glad you got it sorted :+1::+1:

I have a similar problem (ticket already submitted).

I just did a Half Monty test, my 4DP did not update, cannot load the activity either.

  • The activity did synchronise to STRAVA, but not to Garmin.
  • I have Wahoo SYSTM app 7.5 installed (and reinstalled after uninstalling The SufferfestApp as suggested above)
  • The activity was recorded on a windows machine, however, I cannot acces the activity on my iPhone or iPad either.


Hi Rien, my new activities started to sync properly after suff app removed and SYSTM reinstalled. I was not able to recover old ones under SYSTM app but it was synced to strava so no big lost.

Also, AFAIK half Monty don’t update full 4DP profile. Only FTP and MAP values are updated.

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Ah, thank you for your response! That makes a lot of sense.

It did not update the FTP & MAP tho :frowning: and the new FTP was not reported during the activity. So I guess I have to redo the test.

I am having the same problem and it materialized out of nowhere. I did two rides last Thursday, the first of which went fine and synced without issue. When I ended the second ride the app just stalled on “sync pending” and stayed there. I finally closed the app, reopened it, and the “recovered” version was only the first 10 minutes. Today the same thing happened. Customer service has so far failed to provide a useful answer.