Add a filter for new videos

It would be helpful for those searching for new videos if there was a filter button that selected videos created in the last 6 months, for those of us who use the trainer seasonally and want to do the new ones when they get it out and dust it off!

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It’s a little glitchy at the moment, as in, it includes some vids that have been remastered or have had some edits or corrections but you can Sort by Release Date Descending and that will sort of kind of almost give you the newest videos.

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I see, thank you for that. I wasn’t seeing that option. I had to delete the app and redownload it. Do you know of a way for laptop users to keep the most up to date version without that process? Also, is there a way to get a notification when a new version is available? An email would be nice (again, for laptop users, not iPad users).

I have never had to delete and download again. The app checks for a newer version at start up and notifies you if you want to update now or at next restart.

An email might be nice but that seems like a non-prioritized feature.

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Do you mean with the persistence action of a chosen filter?

Persistence is not prevalent in any filter choice selected and reverts to default when exiting the page. Numerous requests for persistence has been raised.