History of completed videos/training


Is there anyway to see if I have completed a video before?
I know I can justo look in the calendar but old SUF mentioned something like “last completed in xxx date”
I don t do training plans due to lack of time and unpredictable life style (aka parenting)
I just jump in the trainer when I have time and search for something inside my time budget for that moment.


Hi Matias,

The last completed didn’t make the first release (there are other discussions on the Forum about what’s in progress) but it will be coming back. Have you tried the activity history in the ‘About You’? Accessed from the My Profile->About You, Account actions, you will receive a link to a CSV file that you can sort etc. It might help.



Thanks Sir! I will give it a try next time

Yes the activity history is available if you have the time to do it in advance. Not a great option on the fly. If I finish what I had scheduled and feel like adding on something I haven’t done yet, leaving my Pain Cave, going upstairs, logging in, downloading the file and then searching for what I have done against all the available videos is a poor substitute for having it right there on each video.

Glad to hear that it is coming back!

@Sir_SimonF, while I agree it’s not a long-term fix, I’ve been doing the .csv dumps and they’ve been really informative. Quick and small, too.

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