Why is my MAP adjusted down based off my FTP?

I recently completed the 4DP and my MAP score was brought down because it was higher than my 142% of my FTP. Why does SYSTM do this?

Also, if the FTP test was earlier in the 4DP test maybe it would be higher? By that point i was pretty gassed unless its designed to be like that.

Afterwards, doing AVDP with my newly calculated FTP it felt pretty easy and i spent most of it in Z2 and Z3. I adjusted my FTP to 195 and did Who Dares and had a much harder time but was still able to hit all the power metrics.

I guess what I’m trying to find out is why they reduce your MAP to 142% of FTP. Maybe i am more of a MAP rider so cant i keep the higher power that i achieved for it? Whats the science behind it?

Welcome to the forum. FF is hard to pace and I suspect that your FTP is higher than 183. Indeed you manually raised it and this seemed to work for you. Half Monty May over estimate your FTP, but you may want to do that and use an average of the two tests for FTP and MAP.


Welcome @Felcat !

There is some information here about the 4DP: Going Beyond Threshold Power | The SYSTM 4DP Power Profile | Wahoo Fitness

My recollection from some of the conversations from the sports science people is that almost all people will have MAP in the 115% to 142% of FTP range. So based on these statistics, the app will adjust your results if you fall outside of that range.

One thing I noticed is that there is a message that your 20 minute max power started at 5:25 (i.e., outside the 20 minute test). That suggests that you may not have paced all of the test as well as the test expects. The 20 minute test is intended to be after the 5 minute test - you are expected to be fatigued from the 5 minute test, and as a result, your FTP is 100% of your 20 minute power, whereas other tests (where you don’t have the preceding 5 minute effort) use 95% of the 20 minute power for your FTP.

Perhaps you could try doing a Half Monty ramp test to reassess your FTP and MAP numbers?

Can you share the workout profile from your Full Frontal? That might help us see where the issue is.


You need to redo the test. Your FTP is nowhere near accurate. I suggest doing Half Monty which is a modified ramp test to get a view of your MAP and FTP. Full Frontal is very hard to pace the first time you ride it as well. There are Knowledge articles on pacing and how to prepare for the test.


Yeah i waz confused when it said it started at 5:25. Does that mean 5:25 from the beginning of the 4DP or 5:25 from beginning of 20 min FTP test?

Is there a way to share the results without screenshotting it all? When i click share it only has the options to share to my linked garmin and strava accounts.

Good idea. Will try this and report back.

Youre right in that its hard to pace as i had no benchmark to go off. I think knowing what my FTP roughly is will help me try it again but ill also do the half monty to see what result that gives me.


I assume it’s from the start of the workout.

A single screenshot of the power profile from your SYSTM history would be useful. It should look something like this:

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I can sort of see that the 20 minutes that finished at the end of the 5 minute effort might have a higher average power than the 20 minute effort in that plot. As Sir @jmckenzieKOS suggested, try a Half Monty to get a second check on your FTP and MAP numbers, and then in a few weeks, retry Full Frontal using those HM numbers as targets to help with the pacing.


In b4 @Saddlesaur recommends doing the FF prep week plan including HM halfway through to give a benchmark. :wink:


Just do it again. HM has no video or music and takes about as long. You may as well do FF again… :wink:

Joking aside, as the others have said: HM is the way forward - it’s a lot less taxing. Alternatively, you can stick to your MAP number of 287 and set your FTP at around 210W or so (to comply with to the 142% rule) and see how you do.

Then, when you feel up to it again, do another FF.


Thanks all! Definitely good advice. Once ive done the HM and 4DP test again ill report back. My FTP will likely have increased by then but id be interested to see if my MAP was still greater than 142% of my FTP.


All good suggestions here but i +1 to @TrapMeSuf suggestion to just try it at the unadjusted number and see how things go.

The test has multiple purposes, one is to measure progress, the other is to help set training targets. But remember—and forgive me for sounding like an anarchist here—the “correct power target” is the one that has you properly completing the type of workout you’re trying to complete, the 4DP is just one tool for simplifying how you sort that question out, rather than some gospel truth.

So in other words try it and see. If it’s too hard, take the adjustment. If not, then you’re gucci.

For completeness; personally I advocate conservatism in ftp targets but setting map targets aggressively, due to the different purposes of the workouts


Just my 2c worth here, based on my own experiences and musings about FF and HM test results.

Your NM and AC values are high, but your adjusted MAP and especially your FTP are really low, relatively. I suspect your true MAP is closer to your unadjusted value, and your FTP was underestimated due to pacing and little prior experience with the test.

You definitely need another test (HM would work fine) or to manually adjust numbers until you can do FF again.

Good luck!


Thanks Natasha. I have strong legs and have always thought of myself as a natural sprinter but yeah my aerobic capacity can be improved.

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I did try with an unadjusted FTP and AVDP was i felt too easy. Slightly increasing my FTP by 10 manually made my next workout, Who Dares, feel more challenging.