Advice needed Please

one more thing (I know im so needy) I read that level 4 or 5 on the trainer is the norm! Im thinking that’s a bit high for me??

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Do Primers in level mode so you can get an idea of level/gearing rather than messing around on the day of the test.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!


Definitely have a play around in Primers or any open session and just see how the different levels feel.
I can get 4-figure wattage sprints in Level 1 on my trainer so I’m not sure why I’d want to be two to three levels higher than that.


Thanks again guys for the tips. I enjoyed playing around in primers today and looks like level 2 will be the on but maybe 1.5 only because I like recovery in higher cadence. So healthy dinner tonight followed by two 0% alcohol lagers (if it’s good enough for stage winner of the Tour de France it’s good enough for me lol) and a Tesco finest Granola Cookie. Tomorrow fuel up three hours before with Pork Chops Brocoli and Tilda Basmati wholegrain rice. Protein shake 30 mins before. See picture for my reward for finishing this thing the call FF…Yes I will be eating the whole packet.
Onwards and Upwards.


Good luck @spoons52! One thing, if it’s not too late, I would suggest skipping the 30-minute prior protein shake. Proteins take generally 4+ hours to digest and will likely only make your GI system feel worse than if you skip that. Generally, I don’t recommend eating or drinking anything other than water within an hour of the start of a hard session or test.


Best of luck, @spoons52. You’ll crush it! Please report back how well you did.

Nothing? Not even a good carb source? I love my sweets.

I was surprised by that as well. So @Coach.Neal.H - get off these random pre ride mixes of carbs/caffeine and so on and just chill?

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And the other rewears is knowing you’ve beaten it up :slight_smile:
Remeber if it ever gets ‘silly’ in your head … keep going for one more minute and take lots of deep breaths … keep going … and you’ll find you can keep going for much longer than you ever thought.

Good Morning All.
Thanks again for advice and tips, unfortunately Coach Neal was a bit late. Im proud to have finished it, only a small blip-blank spot of about 15 secs in 5 minute section.

I have really been missing the outdoors over the last couple of weeks and to that end am struggling to find a suitable training plan (unless there are any half price offers on a customised one :slightly_smiling_face:) so hoping to get coach Neal’s advice.
So workouts suggested for weaknesses are,
A Very Dark Place

Nine Hammers


14 Vise Grips

And strengths,The Downward Spiral

Half is Easy

The Trick

Cash Register.
The only one that fills me with Dread is "Nine Hammers’ although that might be doable now on accurate numbers.
If I do my favourite 90-150 min outdoor ride at zone 2/3 twice a week and three of the above, rest one day and recovery spin the other, would this be a feasible plan? Or shall I go with “Metric century” and tweak a little bit. Im enjoying Yoga so will be adding that too.

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Having still not decide on a training plan yet I wondered if when I choose a workout from the list it will be configured to my new 4DP profile.

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Yes, after you completed your Full Frontal Test your 4DP numbers got updated. You can check again: If you are using the app you can find the values under Settings -> Workout Targets.

Every workout, no matter if it’s in a plan or from the library, will be tailored to your profile.
However, every workout will be at 100% (which you can adjust as you please during the workout), while in a training plan there are many adjustments made by the coaches beforehand to give you a more tailored approach with proper balance between rest and going all out.


Thanks P
I thought it would be I just wanted to check.


I can feel a AVDP coming on

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Yes all updates automagically as P.W says above.
Are you mad though ?

Hee hee, well it’s one of my weaknesses and I’ve completed it twice, going down the mental strength route. :innocent:

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