Odd question on test week

They were not able to explain why my subscription was cancelled but did give me a new 2 week trial and I can renew from there. So I am able to do my test week which I am in the middle of.

I did Half Monty last night and a descent improvement in my FTP & MAP. So here is the odd question.

I have two short rides before Full Frontal on Sunday (Recharger today & Primers on Saturday). I see they are set to be at the new numbers. Recharger is pretty inconsequential but Primers, while short, is not ‘nothing’. Should I do Primers at the old numbers to go a bit easier on the legs the day before FF?

Like I said, odd question.

Your choice. I definitely would be doing Recharger on the new FTP/MAP. Primers will use your old AC number for the last sprint though. If you feel OK with Recharger, try to do Primers on the new FTP values. It will definitely let you know if you need to adjust when doing Full Frontal.


I tend to find Primers a bit tougher than I’d like a day before an event, so I’m always inclined to dial it back a little. Everyone’s different. Do what works for you.

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@jmckenzieKOS I did Recharger with the new numbers. It was harder than usual but not hard. I think I will approach as @TTDragon suggests, and dial it back just a bit on Primers. I want to be as ready as I can be for FF. Thanks,


@Critmark You could also switch to Openers - it is a NoVid but it find it lower in intensity than primers and sometimes use it before a race.


Welcome back! Good to hear you weren’t able to leave. :slight_smile:

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You could see how the first Primer feels at the new numbers. If it’s getting really hard, then dial it back. Otherwise, you’d probably be good to go with your new numbers. Good luck with the FF test!


I always do the test week plan exactly as designed. The resulting plans always proved plenty tough enough. I’m not sure tweaking the plan to try to improve the FF results would be beneficial for me or serve any purpose. I suggest if you do tweak the plan, then tweak it the same way every time you do it. I believe this gives the most reliable and consistent results.