Shortened FF Prep Week

It’s time for a new test, but I don’t have a whole week to prep. If I want to reduce my #FF prep/test week to five days, which workouts should I drop?

@AlexEllermann Probably just drop the 1st two - Recharger and Cadence Builds.


Which 7 day test plan are you doing? The FF plan or the one that includes the HM on day three. I always do the one with the HM. Either way, I’d be inclined to agree with JSampson and eliminate the first two days.

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I wouldn’t over think it.
Do Openers the day before, and a Cadence Builds a day or two before that.

Case in point, I raced a 100 miler on a Saturday, drove 14 hours Sunday to get home, had a rest day Monday, ran 6km leg loosener Tuesday in the Morning and 60min Active Recovery in the afternoon with heat adaption (no fans, no ventilation, wearing winter gear while it’s 30C outside), did 90 min Endurance Wednesday with heat adaption, rest day Thursday, Friday openers and Saturday warm up with Igniter and FF.

I think the point I want to raise is that I was content with what the results would be as that week was not ideal prep but I decided to try something different from a full week prep. I was relaxed, not on edge for the test.

Results shocked me. Up in everything between 3&12%. Back to the +300 and 1000W clubs.

Being mentally prepared was more my focus than trying to make my body be physically prepared. Don’t overthink it. Your numbers will be your numbers. For the present state you find yourself in. You got this.


Another vote for dropping the first few days. I scheduled the plan to end on the day I want to do the test, and I’m just hitting the workouts as listed in the final few days of the plan.


Also, if you don’t need the data for expectations, skip Half Monty and substitute in Recharger.

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