Agonia (the hidden city)

Just landed in Hobart for a bike trip. :biking_man: :mountain: Haven’t seen any sufferlandrian flags yet but I’m told the laser goats :goat: are pretty ruthless in these parts.


Don’t get comfortable…


…have no fear.

Is this where GvA works, or is it an entrance to the suf mines??


Hey hey you found us! What trip are you doing down here? Perhaps we can join you for a ride.


I’m doing the beardy mcbeard tour with will levy from two wheel tours until next Sunday.

We’re loving Hobart!! I can see why you’re here. I was hoping Dylan could recommend a good barber :barber: for a beard trim!!!


Oh cool. When does the tour start? What rides are you doing?

You know when i booked this trip to Tasmania I didn’t plan on it becoming a 12 day ‘sufferfest’ but the TOS has made it so.

The beardy Mcbeard tour starts Wednesday afternoon with a short ride down lower sandy bay way, and then some longer rides Thursday through Sunday finishing with a ride up Big Mountain (Wellington on Sunday). Not entirely sure where the middle rides go, but there’s one big loop south of about 150 k!!

Then it’s back to Brisbane on Monday with just enough time to do TOS stage 1 on Monday afternoon before the cut off. Luckily I’ve got that week off work too, so I’ll have plenty of time to get through the other stages. A little unsure how productive I’ll be in the first few days back at work though.

I would love to drop in and say hi to you at the office while I’m down here, but I’m guessing you and Dylan are pretty busy with TOS stuff so no dramas if that’s problematic. At the very least I’ll be taking a selfie out the front of the office in my dark kit before I head back to Bris Vegas.


Bucketlist: to ride with Sir David!


Just visiting Hobart is bucket list enough!! It’s a great place!!

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Cool! We’re not here in the office very often due to WFH, but will be in Thurs/Friday in the afternoon most likely and on Saturday as well setting things up for our Sunday ToS Stage 1 ride. Just knock on the door/open it up to see if we’re here – would be great to say hi!

Sounds like you’ve got some epic rides set up – I bet your long ride is down to Cygnet and back up. Stay tuned for some new On Location stuff we have in Southern Tasmania that just might let you recreate some of these rides.


And here it is!!! Big mountain (mt sufferlandrian to you die hards!! Can’t see smoke coming from it so obviously I’m not in great form (yet)!!


Gosh, it’s a bit hilly down here. No chance of even hearing a :goat:!!!


Spent two fabulous days riding around Hobart so far!! Great place for riding if you like lots of climbs!! It’s so hilly I think all the laser :goat:’s have emigrated!!
I was a bit nervous though when I took the folder for a cruise to the botanic gardens!


Great to have you stop by SUF Mines!


Thank you so much for letting me stop by for a chat Sir David. I really appreciate it! It made a fabulous visit to your hometown just that little bit better!!
Hope the TOS goes really well for you and Dylan and the boulder boys!!

Cheers! :beers:

Ps. I’m thinking I might be heading back to a marsh in Brisbane!! :sweat_drops: :thinking:


Did I mention it was hilly in Hobart!!!