COMING SOON: On Location - Tasmania

Who’s keen on a few rides down in Tasmania, Australia with National Champion Nicole Frain? Coming soon to SYSTM.


That looks awesome. Always wanted to visit there, now I can.


Yep! You sure can. We’ll be releasing four rides: A massive climb (kunyani/Mt Wellington), an easy city spin (Hobart), a structured interval session (Richmond) and a punchy road ride with lots of V02 work (Cygnet Coast).


It looks like a good sized group of Sufferfest & Knights of Sufferlandria riders have put their stamp on this HC climb. Impressive! Mt Wellington #StravaClassicClimb | Strava Ride Segment in South Hobart, TAS, Australia
Killer scenery on webcam search also! Looking forward to the SYSTM release!


Wow! Looking forward to spin my legs in Tasmania - always wanted to spend some time there.
Nice! :star_struck:


Hey they Mr. @David.McQuillen.KoS,

it’s so nice we can experience riding in Tasmania, I appreciate it much.
However, you don’t make it easy, though. The instructions are pretty clear up to the point where they advise to copy the road ID. How can that happen as SYSTM blocks users from selecting and copying text of instructions?
I have asking you guys at Wahoo to unlock copy/paste ages ago. You were able to rebrand your apps, do the merger, bring new routes in RGT and what? A simple copy/paste feature still on the wish list. Not good, sir KoS.

This post gives the Magic Road IDs

thanks a lot, pal. I managed to get the road IDs but the issue here is that you can’t copy text from SYSTM. Such a tiny feature that forces everybody to take detours through forums, different devices and so on.

No problem. I agree with you. I build my own training plans in TP and it’s a pain to have to type in the workout name, etc rather than copy & paste it like you could in the old app

@genolan Do you use the library feature in TP? You can drag workouts that you have already done to the library and you can create workouts in the library and drag them to the calendar.

Further if you drop one some of the legacy Sufferfest training plans into your calendar you can then drag those to the library and just delete the plan.

That’s exactly what I do. Unfortunately, though, those pesky people at Wahoo keep adding new workouts :wink:

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