AI for training plans…

Just used the AI on BBS to create a training plan for my race based on my TSS using Sufferfest videos.

Have to say I was impresssed - certainly got the SUF part down😂

Mon: Recharger

Tue: The Shovel

Wed: Thin Air

Thurs: Angels

Fri: The Way Out

Sat: Blender + Revolver

Sun: Hell Hath No Fury + Powerstation

You may have guessed it’s a hilly course!


Enjoy the weekend :smirk:


I’m not a coach nor a sports professional in any sense but that AI generated plan looks like a hell of a lot of intensity. When are you going to rest to welcome the gains ? It goes against everything I have read about training. Be careful you don’t overtrain.


Got a solid build phase done. Current stress is higher than this plan but at lower intensity.

Now only 13 weeks from race and into specialisation phase.

Recovery week was 1in4 will drop to 1in3 and if necessary can takes 3 week taper instead of normal 2.

I have overtrained before so at least I know what the symptoms are and will adjust appropriately if I think it’s going to happen


Yeah I’d keep an eye on this closely. For a lot of people this would not be a sustainable plan, nor the most effective, the latter because in order to get the most out of a high intensity session, you need to be recovered enough to go hard. Stacking intensity on top of fatigue might be good for mental training, but not optimal for physical.

Remember training stress from volume is not the same as from intensity. Metrics like TSS are basically comparing apples and oranges by reducing them to their macronutrient contents. It kinda works, except that the recipe involves a maximum number of apples


I see AI as working in two ways. The first would be to analyze a ton of data and find correlations between the details of training and performance beyond what’s know. The other would be adaptive, looking at individual responses to training and modifying the plan accordingly, informed by the the first.

Isn’t there science that says two, maybe three, intense sessions a week is all your body can handle and anything else doesn’t really do anything adaption wise?


80/20 rule. It applies to training and many other things in life.

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An acronym has escaped me… BBS?

Can you share your prompt? Did you provide your training data from a previous period of time?

Very interested in how AI + Training Data can help us not only create plans but modify upcoming workouts.

Best Bike Split.

Had previously just used it for race pacing and it was pretty much spot on.

You can supply data from a variety pf formats like training peaks and put into a .CSV file.

Thank you very much! Always interested to hear about the latest in cycling technology,. .