All Badges - Training Plan Structure?

Just a quick one - has anyone completed any of the “All Badges” training plans? I’m just looking at the mashup plan and its has Saturday - ITSTA (2:28) followed by Sunday - The Kitchen Sink (2:58)? Is that realistic? Mon-Thu is x4 solid sessions, then a day off and then two of the hardest sessions on back to back days?!
Its nice to get these things done quickly, but have the plans been put together with minimal thought, and just putting them back-to-back to get them done as fast as possible?

@caashford I seem to recall a similar weekend during the KOS prep training but probably at slightly reduced numbers. I haven’t done the badge collector plan. I tried looking at it on my calendar but those two workouts were spread apart by two weeks on the suggested plan that came up. My understanding is that SUF has some sort of software program that arranges the workouts based on effort levels and also your 4DP - so the placement is definitely not random. I guess you won’t know if you can do them back to back until you try. Stay well fueled and hydrated and let us know how it goes!

FWIW, I just took a peak at the all badge plan and it doesn’t include the newer vids Cobbler or Attacker.

Lucky you!!! Such glorious suffering. Let us know how that goes, please!!! We’d rather experience this vicariously.


I have blown up when following advanced-level SUF plans to the letter with with up-to-date 4DP dialed in. It usually happens on the last interval of Nine Hammers on a Tuesday after a heavy prior week of HIIT sessions followed by a weekend of six hours of endurance riding. SUF is usually very good at pushing you right up to your absolute limit without actually going over it. That’s one reason I love it, and I’m often surprised at how much suffering I can successfully endure. I didn’t think there was any hope of completing the 2018 TOS at full intensity, and yet, somehow I got through it. But even so, I have found that there are no guarantees that you’re going to make it through all your hardest sessions just because they are in your plan.

So, if everything in the plan week you describe were taken at 100% intensity, then I wouldn’t make any bets on getting to the end of Kitchen Sink on Sunday unless you had previously developed enormous base fitness with your CTL somewhere north of 80.

Is there a list of which workouts are included in the “All Cycling” badge?