All in session order

Hi everyone,

Second day in sufferlandria and I already need some help!

Here in France we’ve just gone back into lockdown so it’s the perfect time for me to do All In. I’ve chosen multisport with outdoor running.

Day 1 has strength, yoga, mental training
Day 2 has yoga, Half Monty, yoga

How do I know when to do sessions immediately after each other? It’s pretty clear that pre-ride activation yoga should be done right before cycling, but is the second yoga session to be done off the bike?

Or should I just assume that all the sessions are to be done back to back?

Hi @timb34, welcome to Sufferlandria. You can never leave.

Unless the workout notes specifically say otherwise, e.g. “Steady Z2 run immediately after your bike session”, then you should be fine to do them as you choose. Certainly no need to do the second yoga session in your example right after Half Monty*. Many of the yoga sessions in the All In plans are good ones to finish the day with to relax, recover, de-stress.

*although… downward dog while still clipped in would be mighty impressive. If you do do that then please post pics :slight_smile:


That’s great, thanks