Yoga and when to do it (before or after workout)

I’ve been reading that, at least for certain parameters, stretching should be done after hard/aerobic exercises. That being said, The Sufferfest training program seems to put many stretching/yoga “opener” sets before a workout in the schedule.

Does it actually matter? There are times individual workouts will include coach notes like BEFORE STRENGTH in them so even if the order in the app shows strength then standing starts, you will do it in the right order, but nothing for the stretching/yoga efforts.

Obviously I know I can do it all in whatever order I so choose, but I would like to do things as optimal as possible. I am no spring chicken anymore and need to keep my training fairly optimized :slight_smile:

I always think the yoga is more of a recovery, so tend to do after a ride. But if the yoga is labelled as an opener I would do it before the ride as a warm up.
Bit like the breathing exercises which are about getting you to focus during the training session.

Hey Scot,

there is a category of yoga videos call activation which would be the ones you could do before.


I might not be completely clear the All road program I am doing has yoga and strength training as part of the overall program. In some cases it seems to have items in order of the suggested workout.

Trying to figure out if there is evidence around the order, or if it doesn’t matter. If there is evidence, it might be something to somehow add or clarify into the program.

I am not doing random workouts at this time, just the training program.