Alternative workout options

I’d like to see the app offer different workouts as sometimes I don’t have time to fit in the plans suggested workout (ie 2.5hrs of ISLTA on reduced effort) so would be nice to see an option if you only have an hour and also could add a bit of variety.

It would be less of an issue if when creating the plan you could specify both number & max duration of sessions you can fit it -

Ideally also like to set the plan duration as I’m always keen to see my progress so I prefer the 4 week plans - currently on the 12 week advanced plan & need the half monty next weekend as my garmin has my FTP increasing nicely so thinking I need to up my metrics but don’t want to over do it before the test !

I make the plan fit me Les. I will swap a long ride to a day where I have time to do it, if I am busy all week and need to miss a ride, then do yoga or strength instead .I have a pilates class once a week so do not ride that day, I just shuffle the workouts along until it gets to a rest day, and it all works out fine.


Yes I agree it’s nice to be able to shuffle the workouts around to make it fit what you can do but it’s those long workouts I struggle with and when they are on reduced numbers I’m sure there must be shorter alternatives to achieve the same impact…

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Going harder for a shorter duration doesn’t really have the same training stimulus as a longer less intense training session. For example if your plan is calling for a 2.5 hour video trying to stay in zone 2, you might be better either doing what you can of the video, or doing an “Open xx” video and keep in zone 2. Just my opinion anyway.


You are probably right - maybe some additional notes on the reduced intensity workouts might help to understand what it’s trying to achieve.

I should really just HTFU and do the time as opposed to looking for shortcuts :slightly_smiling_face: