Training plan hours per week

I had been a free rider on RGT for about 2 years and I decided to sign up for the subscription so I could do a training plan. I want to ride about every other day so I selected the basic plan and chose 3-4hrs/week and started going through the plan.

The first problem I found is that the training plans have no knowledge of RGT. I want to do a group ride on RGT once a week and an occasional race but the training plan can’t adjust, at least not automatically. It looks like I have to reschedule every plan ride individually.

The second problem is that 3-4 hours/week training is just too much when I add the group ride and a race. Also this week, I had already ridden 3.5hr and the plan had me scheduled for a 1h 48m ride on Wednesday and another 1hr 30m ride on Thursday. Thursday is, of course, the Thanksgiving holiday in the US but, going back to problem 1, the plan can’t be adjusted to account for holidays.
I just don’t have that much time. So I decided to delete my plan and create a plan with only 1-2hr/wk training but it seems that option is no longer available and now the minimum is 3-5hrs/wk.

So my first question is: can the training plans be made aware of scheduled rides in RGT and holidays? If not, is the only solution to adjust manually and can this be a feature request. I realize that some people would ant to ride on holidays so it would have to be optional.

Second question: how can I reduce the hrs/wk in a plan?


Hey @zephod ,
Welcome to the forum. A lot of folks on the training plans swap out their plan rides for RGT rides or races. Some of the SYSTM rides are also on RGT. The plan is a template you can use to manually fit your schedule as this is the only option right now. To reduce the hrs/wk just eliminate rides you can’t do and try and keep the key workouts or find similar rides that are shorter. I realize how cumbersome this process can be.The majority of my time is spent advising folks on how to accomplish generating their plan through a chat with a coach or writing a customized training plan via training peaks. This allows the coach to tailor the plan to your schedule. In lieu of both of the aforementioned, you can choose a plan and modify it to your needs trying to get in the key workouts along with your RGT rides. The good news is that the plans are always evolving so your requests are noted and just realize you are not alone in this situation. We are here to help.



The plan is not carved in stone. Just delete long rides if you want to do RGT rides on the same day. Doesn’t matter, you’ll get your training in. My 2 cents: remove the long “ride simulation” entries and do them as group ride on RGT, and try to keep the structured interval training blocks on SYSTM. If you do a race you can drop one of those interval sessions too, as I presume you won’t be just sitting there enjoying the environment and pedalling in Zone 2 :slight_smile:

Considering the days of the week, same story. I also have that issue, I just move individual entries back and forward so they fall on days I can actually ride.


I have a similar issue although mine is that it doesn’t factor in outdoor rides. So weekend just gone SYSTM had me doing endurance rides of about 2 hours z2 both Saturday and Sunday. However on Saturday I did a 6 hour group ride and Sunday I’d did another 3 hours outdoors. Mostly z2 both days. Not sure how this affects the overall plan?? It’s rest day on a Monday (today) so I assume all ok with going off piste a bit and I’ll be ready for a hard interval session tomorrow (I hope😄). Any tips for this?

OK, I thought that the plans would be more structured, particularly the basic one I picked. I’kk just have to arrange all the ides manually.

Just consider those the endurance rides. Your plan won’t adapt dynamically once you have planned it in the calendar, so it doesn’t matter. There are no calculations going on anywhere.

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