Variables for training plan scheduling

Not sure if this has been raised before, but it’d Be great if one could input a few additional variables in the training plan selection to get one that fits better with ones schedule:

  • How many days a week (3 days, 4 days, etc)
  • Days of workouts (e.g., MWFSun, or TuThSat…)
  • Available length (e.g., weekdays: hour or less, 90 minor less, etc; weekends 90 mo. Or less, 2 hrs or less, etc)

I know there is the novice/intermediate/advanced distinction, but sometimes back to back days don’t work for us with kids, spouse and other life things.

Keep up the great work!

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These sorts of things are definitely on our radar! Thanks!


I think this is a great suggestion, @Erik-KOS. I upvoted this feature and would also like to see it implemented.

One question is on my mind, though: Would this kind of flexibility still mean that the SUF Coaches could wield their magic and serve us a plan with enough strain/rest/variation, or does the quality of the training plan start to suffer at some point ?

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