Am I Missing Something?

Any reason why the All for One workout has two bars for NM?

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Probably some low or high cadence work in there.

Based on the description, I’m betting it’s an error. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hey Sir @mserge looks like this vid has some high cadence targets so, that is probably where the extra NM bar comes from

Just did a quick play through and THIS one actually has a bunch of high cadence interval targets of 95 and 100. So that is probably it. Odd that such a thing would be in an insp film when the description has a link suggesting to turn off on screen graphics for the best viewing experience.

Maybe the description should say, “this vid has some high cadence targets so maybe you’ll wanna leave cadence targets on screen for this one” :man_shrugging:


This was an error on our part. Should be fixed now.