Cadence builds video update

Did the cadence build video today and I think some of the instructions are missing. Not a big deal since I’ve done it before, but seems odd. Also, the final section of each build would display 130/130 for the cadence goal instead of 130/135 for the final. Anyone else notice this?


I did Cadence Builds two days ago and I had no storyline instructions whatsoever.
No big deal either.
It was my first workout after downgrading Windows SUF app from 6.14 to 6.13 (keeping downloaded videos and GPU settings from SUF 6.14). I re-downloaded videos and turned off GPU acceleration and did Taper Efforts efforts yesterday without any issues.
I thought I nailed that but it looks like Cadence Builds might be broken after all.


My fault! I updated the video to fix a couple of things and, in doing so, wiped out the narrative. We’ll get that fixed in the next day or two.


It will take him a couple of days, since first he has to report to GVA for his floggings… :hammer_and_pick:


No worries, I’ll pray for you and whichever flogging station you end up. :slightly_smiling_face::pray: