Announcing: My Fifth (and final?) Knighthood Attempt - Dec.... 8th

One year ago today… :mending_heart::mending_heart::mending_heart:




Flog me, GvA, for I have sinned.

So… I have a big work project I need to get done this week. Even if I do get it done before Friday (which is going to be a stretch) it’s going to take a lot of stress and all my energy and that’s not what I need going into this KOS attempt - especially with how much fewer mental reserves I have lately. And seeing as how a KOS is 90% mental, I need all the mental strength I can get. And I don’t want to be completely flat and exhausted going in.

So, last date adjustment… :crossed_fingers::v: I’m pushing this back one more week to Dec 8.


I really don’t think someone going in for a 5th Knighthood needs forgiveness from GvA. Do what you gotta do Sir! We can wait :slight_smile:


Like Sir @Glen.Coutts I think GVA doesn’t care when you Suffer, just that you have. Life happens and sometimes we have to adjust.


Or as Yogi Berra might say, 90% of it is all mental.

You will make us proud, no matter when you do it, and we will be here to cheer you on to be Sir Sir Sir Sir Sir Evan!