Announcing: My Fifth (and final?) Knighthood Attempt - Dec.... 8th

Because I don’t know when to quit… (or maybe I do?)

Sooo… After extensive consultation with GVA, I am hereby announcing my FIFTH KOS quest. To be attempted… on Nov 10, 2023.* *date solidly tentative

*Because it’s close as I can get to my original anniversary date of Nov 14

*More info and tentative lineup to follow.

But here’s a sneak peek:

1 - image

2 - image

3 - image

4 - 12 ??? - TBD - ???

13 - image

I don’t know if this will be my final quest (because never say never, right). But based on how I am and have been feeling, it may very well be. In any case, this will round out the videos missing from my previous attempts. And, of course, include an additional bonus video. We will see if I Rue the Day I decided to attempt this quest.



This is one of the nice things about Sufferlandria, you can be a masochist and a sadist at the same time.


Well, 5 is a round number. Sorta. Not quite as round as 6 but clearly much rounder than 7. 5 has got nothing on 8 though and 9, well, that’s just like 6, so you may as well do 10. There’s something magical about 10. You might wanna think about spreading these out a little more though :wink:


Hmm. So if,
(bearing in mind as I sit here eating the first HALF of a slice of a whole Chocolate Tower Cake from Cheesecake Factory, I’m not SAYING it’s true,)
but just IF it is true that you can get too much of a good thing,
(excuse me, munch munch munch… yeah, right!)
just IF that silly idea WERE true…

THEN it would seem possible that, um, one could get too much of a HORRIBLE…
(excuse me, munch munch munch) :yum: :tongue: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Umm, I’ve lost my train of thought…
I’ll be on the COUCH… in you-know-where.


@emacdoug This would be a great marketing piece for the Kickr Move.


There’s nothing quite so solid as “solidly tentative.”

If GvA gave out rings for Knighthood this would be one for the thumb!

Good luck, Sir Evan!


And soo… it’s not going to happen tomorrow. Too much going on in life has been going on last month and so far this month. I just don’t feel ready physically, and especially mentally. I think that can often happen when plans are too solidly tentative. But still, sometimes life happens and we need to adjust.

Sooo… I’m pushing this back to the 19th. If that doesn’t feel right then the 21st. Still solidly tentative. But definitely likely more solid now than tentative. Possibly. Maybe.

Anyway. And I also need to finalize my playlist. But at least that is in a much better place. I need to get my list set in stone. After a few more minutes of pondering I think I have it nearly solidified. Numbers 1 thru 3 are slightly different than my first reveal. #13 is not changing. And I’ve let you see numbers 4 and 5, now.

Here’s a sneak peek at the first five:

And of course, number 13 is still:


Didn’t you literally just do your 4th?


August 25th.

And when I finished you literally asked me when I had my 5th planned for. :wink: :smile:


You can’t possibly expect me to remember what I say from one to the next. Sheeesh. :older_man:t2:

Edit: also, when will you be doing your 6th?


That’s obvious. :rofl:

Number 6 will hopefully be a ride-along / tag team when @moose does his.

Other than that, I don’t actually have any more planned. This year has been mentally rough. And my dad was my inspiration. Number 4 was mentally the hardest. Number 5 could be worse. That will likely determine if I do any more. :mending_heart:

My next goal is a vEveresting, but that’s going to take some time and planning. And I have a number of other goals that also need time and planning. And this year has made me question a number of them. We’ll have to see how next year goes before I decide what’s next. :mending_heart:


Understood. I’m sure you’ll find the balance that’s right for you, Sir Evan.


I would be joining you,but El Tour de Tucson is the day before on the 18th and I’ll be busy trying to make sure mere mortals make the 60 mile journey.

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Another interesting tidbit for this KoS. I am going to try something new. (That’s usually bad).

I am in huge sleep deficit and exhausted. So I am taking this whole week off. I just rode on Saturday, but won’t be able to ride again this week until my KoS. But I will be getting a full night sleep each night. I rarely take a full week off unless I have a vacation. So my legs should be very fresh for KoS day. Hopefully not too fresh.

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Have you thought of maybe doing the FF prep week? Perfect amount of volume and intensity for a big event.

Well, a low volume week would probably be a good idea, but because of other reasons I actually won’t be able to ride this week anyway. So in essence, I need the rest, but am getting forced rest anyway whether or not it’s the best idea. And my left ankle also seems to be squawking at me anyway from all the standing I did during ISLTA on Saturday. So a little r&r is probably not the worst thing, even if a little volume could be better. But I do have a tendency to turn a little recovery volume week into too much volume way too easily, so this MAY not be the worst thing in the world. We will see come Sunday. :smile:



@emacdoug I have used that strategy occasionally for races and it works well for me. With all the mileage you do you should be fine.


Accepting that everyone is unique, that would be too much rest for me. For a big event I typically scale back the week before with days off 2 days before and 4 days before. The ride between those two days is typically challenging but not long.

After MANY attempts to figure this out, this seems to be the best run up to a big event for me.

Not to worry though, you will CRUSH it!


Well, after much fussing about and stomping of feet I’ve re-adjusted the date for my upcoming fifth knighthood quest to Friday Dec 1st.

My wife hurt her foot this week and has been in a walking boot, plus I’ve been away, so after some moments of sanity we decided it was prudent to move my quest back 2 weeks. That way she will be better able to Sherpa my attempt and I won’t come home and then immediately disappear into my suffer cavern.

This date feels a lot less tentative and lot more solid. And if I push it back any further GvA has threatened additional floggings. So, I believe this will be the final adjustment.