ANNOUNCING: The New Sufferlandrian Flag & Coat of Arms

@SirWadensee only way is G.O.A.T. Last. Well that the way I went my favorite video.


G.O.A.T. was number 8 for me. Check out my sufferlist :slight_smile:


Yeah, I just completed my Knighthood on February 5th and was just officially admitted to the forum yesterday. It’s safe to say, I’m proud of the attempt and was just wondering if it’s allowed to use the goat logo on other gear or not.


I want it on everything it at the end of my emails now.

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Aha I missed that! And yes it id very cool. I have it as my wallpaper on my laptop

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I’m not sure what the law is here, but I imagine as long as you aren’t selling stuff you are probably ok. :crossed_fingers:


I like the new flag, its good to appease the laser goats!

Is there a higher resolution version of the old coat of arms on a white or transparent background available anywhere? I’d like to use it in my wallpaper rotation but the largest I can find via google search is 800x800 and I’ve got a 4k monitor so it ends up small. I could scale it up but it won’t be as smooth as it could be then…


Hello fellew SUFs

I’m really happy about the departure from the original flag. The style and colors were too closely tied to present and past real world historical or current situations . These that have actual humans at this very moment real and very primal sufferings with basic necessities such as Food, Shelter, Clothing and hard challenges towards self growth.

We Sufferlandrians suffer by choice and I could not personally associate to that flag because of its design and colours. I’am military, with deployed experience which may possibly explain my sensitivity.

The GOAT flag is not perfect, but I can fly with it. This was not the case with the previous. For that I’am happy, and most of all have grown fawner of the Sufferlandria nation for this gesture, for having leaders that are considerate in this fashion.

Many thanks, and will crank the power to inflict the greatest amount of Pain and Agony to those around me. All the Glory to me is for the nation :wink:


Not a white background, but this is the old Desktop wallpaper they used to offer