Annual Knighthood Attempt

Sorry for your bad run Sir @emacdoug - take it easy. You’ve had a lot going on. To do it justice (Sir Evan style) can you not put it off for a while - I would imagine you would want to suffer in even greater style than the first time around.


@Craig.Quarmby That is a consideration. It’s all still moving forward, but all options are always open.

Basically, Over the next 3.5 weeks I’ll keep self-checking my fitness level and see just how much this tummy bug took out of me. If I feel I can still do it justice and potentially complete it without injuring myself, then I will still attempt it; and then at worst I can cut it short and do it again another day. And if come the week of I feel I need more time, then I’ll push it off until hopefully some time in December.

in the meantime, keeping my fingers crossed.


Sounds very sensible. Good luck!

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Well, today I rode Endurance 2.5 for 2 hours and 48 minutes. My plan was to dual record while riding Alp du Zwift.

Well, Zwift had an update which took over 30 minutes to install. So I had a nice long warm up in level mode while waiting.

But, in the end it loaded and I started it up. I rode the climb in 78:44. I used my easiest gear which was 39-25 (not ideal) on my KCore (which i am in the process of getting repaired/replaced because of some vibrations, etc). I’m not light. 182lbs / 82.5kg. My FTP is around 245-250.

So, I rode it at an average of 47rpms. Ouch :persevere:!! I just kept repeating three things to myself “shut up legs!” and “you can do it,” and “just keep riding.” Eventually I made it! And I set loads of segment PR’s. But that’s likely because most of the time I dial recorded and didn’t use the gradients, so I never saved those workouts and this is the first time I rode it all the way from bottom to top while letting Zwift control it a 100% so I didn’t delete it after.

So, it looks like my legs aren’t in too bad of shape. New KCore should arrive in about 7-9 days. It’ll be touch and go to see if I need to push things back into December. I’m about 50/50, depending on which half of my brain I’m using at the time. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::crazy_face::see_no_evil: I just have to do some days of multiple rides to see how they go.


Well my replace kCore has arrived 4 days early and only 7 days after I first contacted Wahoo support. Hard to complain about that. I was expecting 2-3 weeks.

Happy Days!


Sounds like your Quest is on!

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Rode 80 miles, today. It was a bit tougher than I hoped, but not quite as bad as it could’ve been. I also kept my watts a bit higher than I did during my previous century ride. And I also did this one all at the same power the whole way instead of varying it while doing ISLTA. Varying power really seems to make a huge difference in how it feels. So do those breaks in between videos.

Well, anyway, that’s about as close as I’m going to get a for a test run for next week. I’m still feeling a bit anxious. But I know I can do it. Time for my MTP training to kick in.

The hardest part will be waking up super early to start.


I can do this.


Have fun storming the castle!

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You’ve done it before Sir and know what you’re up for. And you know what you needed to do to prepare.

You WILL crush it!

(PS Of course you need to share your menu of Suffering first.)

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Menu still looking like elevenses.

I’ll be starting before dawn. Hoping I finish before dinner time.




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Friday is going be epic.

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Dang, I misread the label. Thought it was today but today is your anniversary :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So, Sir @emacdoug gooooooooo celebrate your anniversary :joy:

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Crowning it all with blender … well - respect!

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Starting with The Hunted and finishing with Cobbler - I bow before you!

PS Since this is going to be annual, will next year be 12, 13 the year after?! Apologies if I’ve now sparked an idea that you can’t rid yourself of. :sweat_smile:


Yes please :slight_smile:


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I, uh, refuse to, uhm, uh, commit myself to anything at this, uh, time.

…glances furtively at his wife…


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I’ve downloaded all my videos. I’ve got my spreadsheet ready. Tomorrow I will get my sport drink mixed up and food organized so I’m ready to go. Hoping to start dark and early Friday morning at 2:30am local time. Will be trying to get to bed early tonight as well as tomorrow night.

As I look over my playlist I’m pretty happy with it for the most part. ISLAGIATT at #2 pretty much sums up my feelings towards this whole endeavor, but starting with The Hunted just seems the most appropriate.

Not sure what the h**l I’m going to do with Violator at #3. lol. That could really blow up my whole day. :boom: But once I get to #5 everything seems to settle down until I get to #10 and then turn it up to 11.

This time I’m going to have every workout available on my phone as well as my PC so I can switch off if I have any technical issues. My PC takes longer to connect, but I bought an Apple HDMI connector I can use with my phone in a pinch.

Less than 2 days away! Time to get these butterflies in my tummy on the MTP train.


The butterflies are just there to help you fly. Smash it, my friend.