Any new videos in the pipeline?

I wonder if there are any new videos in the making right now. Are there any minions out there who could drop some information on future videos?
I found myself having repeated some videos for quite a bit over a variety of training plans. There are still videos I’ve never done yet (14 Vise Grips, Joyride, certainly because these have not fit into any of the training plans) and found myself saving these up since I never know when there will be some new stuff.

On the other hand I really like the GCN sessions. I wonder if there will be more of those. Sometimes I swap these in for a SUF video, if I’m short on time. Still I wonder why not give us some GCN mashups? This would easily make up for GCN sessions mostly being short ones.

And finally will there by any chance somewhen be a Half Monty video?


I’d like some new videos too, unfortunately many of the recent ones have been just 30 mins (bar The Bat). I’d love some more longer videos, but I don’t think that’ll happen for some reason :sob:

Interested in hearing the answer to this.

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Yeah, you have to wonder what the future of The Suf looks like given their acquisition by Wahoo. McQuillen is largely behind the creation of these brilliant videos which, I’m sure, required a lot of work. If more videos are planned I doubt direct involvement by McQuillen. Draw your own conclusions.



@brumohr you’ll enjoy this podcast - a good listen during an Open 60 endurance ride.


Cool podcast, downloaded a bunch of those, thanks

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I know it’s been a bit quiet lately, but we have a LOT of things in the works right now. Some SUF stuff coming in late October and then some very new things that I can’t reveal until the new year. I’m pretty excited about it though. And, rest assured, I’m very hands on when it comes to making the content - it fills much of my day these days (I’ve also got a couple of absolute stars working with me so we can get out more than I could do alone.)


Oh no! New stuff in early next year, that means, yet again, an even harder TOS. Arrgh! @$#%&!!!

Sooo good!

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Good to hear and to placate those unfounded fears of SUF being consumed and ignored.

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