What the SUF? Latest news on new videos and more

Have you Suffered today?
Great. Now, gather round the lava pit as I wanted to share some news on what’s coming up with SUF.

At the very end of this month (October), we’ll release two new Sufferfest video workouts. The first, Attacker, is…well, the opposite of Defender. Featuring some killer footage from Liege and Flèche, you’ll have to constantly ramp up the pressure in order to take home the win. I’ve done this one a few times and it packs quite a solid punch(es) into an hour. The second, tentatively named Cobbler, is a twist on the classic 2x20. Yes, I know that HHNF is a twist on that kind of workout as well, but the twist this time is that we’ve made it 3x20. Yay! It’s not as intense as HHNF, though – instead, it keeps you just below threshold so that you can complete the entire session. And, as the name suggests, it’s all Paris-Roubaix.

November and December will see further SUF releases, but I’ll keep the details of those buried deep within the SUF Mines for now.

November will also see the release of a bunch of new Yoga videos from Abi Carver focused on stability and mobility. We’ll be using those in some new training plans that we’ll also launch at this time to help you move from the outdoor season into your best indoor season. As part of that, Abi will be here in the SUF Forum to answer your questions, provide guidance and more.

As for the app itself – you’ll no doubt have noticed that not much new functionality has been added to the SUF app lately. Those of you on android have certainly noticed that we STILL haven’t released our Android app. Sorry about that. So – what the SUF is going on?

Well, rest assured – while all looks quiet on the surface, there is tremendous work being done deep below. Our team has nearly doubled in size. The size of our ambition has grown immeasurably. The projects we’re working on are bigger than ever before. Early next year, we’ll release a major update that will be…a surprise. The team and I are extremely excited about it and can’t wait to share it with you. And, yes, it will include Android (in fact, we are testing an Android beta right this very minute).

I better stop there before I start to give away secrets that I’ve been sworn not to share (I know our COO @aaron.johnson and head of marketing @dylan.robbins have been frantically reading this hoping I didn’t give anything away/promise any specific timeline…). Otherwise, I hope you’ve been enjoying the new SUF Forum and the expert advice of our Wahoo Sports Science Coaches. As ever, the SUF Community has been amazing – thank you to you all and especially our SUF Moderators. Do please tell your friends and colleagues about SUF and encourage them to give us a go. We’ll do our absolute utmost to take care of them just like we take care of everyone here in the greatest Nation on earth.

Thanks so much, David.


A W E s o m e … bring it on … :slight_smile:


Sir David as a die hard cyclocross and gravel racer, can we add more cross racing footage with both men’s and women’s racing.
Thank you Sir

Sir Brian.
Can I have another flogging?


The new videos sound dreadful. Nice one!


Absolutely great news.
Sounds like christmas comes early this year… and then late again. :slight_smile:

I like the emphasis on the community and forum. Can’t wait for Abi to drop some knowledge around here.


I think it’ll be great to have Abi Carver drop into the forum in November! Definitely one of the things I was hoping might happen.

Thanks for the update!


Would love to get some more cross in the videos – and, for that matter, some gravel racing and MTB (the video quality for the world cups is excellent these days). Not on our schedule for release this year, but we’ll work on something for Q1 2021. And, yes, you can have all the floggings you like plus one.


:wave: if you need Android beta tester :sunglasses:


Wow…can’t wait!! :smiley:


Great news, think I’ll have to finally go for a KoS attempt before that comes out


I’d be happy to beta test the Android release, ask the support minions about my pedigree for bug reports.

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@Juzz and @digininja: May I direct the two of you to -> this <- thread? :slight_smile:


I’ve just filled that in, thanks for the heads up.

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For those of us that strictly following a training plan, new videos will not be useful if it will not be mentioned what alternative to it. Please make a table that shows what workout can be replaced by what workout.


Well, the training plans will implement the new videos at some point. So we still have something to look forward to. :slight_smile:

A feature like you described was already discussed here and here (2c). I believe (but have no inside knowledge) something very similar is coming.

David McQuillen wrote:


Great work as always GvA & The Minions. You too David!

Thank you so much for all you do for us!!

I wonder what nightmares await in next year’s Tour of Suf. Hmmmm. :nauseated_face:

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Signed up - thanks mate!


I’m looking forward, especially that I have lost the season because of injury.


Don’t think too much. Also, since you’ve said it, you must now do it. :slight_smile: Totally worth it since decals :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: