Anybody else not able to load video content?

Same here.

For God’s sake, haw hard can it be to get your core feature working without a problem. This error keeps popping up since the release.

Can you think of a better way to scare your customers away :roll_eyes: (especially new customers who didn’t know Sufferfest and the day it always just worked)

edit: I’m in Belgium, if that would make a difference


Me too, checking vpns and stuff, but everything else works on my network

Pff… I wanted to try out SYSTM. This is the third time now I cant load the video’s. Dont think Im gonna pay for this crap…
Startedup zwift again. Always works :smiley:

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I originally thought it was Poxymous, worst internet since dial up!! But no, its a Systm fail

When it is up and running, I’ll download tomorrow’s in advance. At least today was only an active recovery.

Shame they have screwed up, it is a good programme, you would make great advances on it. Alas I don’t like the look of zwift and my trainer feels far too easy for the speed.

Luckily I had downloaded my ride, but had to skip Yoga recovery as wouldn’t load/play. First time for me this has happened, but I always download the videos for turbo sessions.

I feel the pain too, also spent 30 mins wasting my time trying different things (I’m a software developer)… again! Based in UK, wasn’t sure if it was just me.

Not that Wahoo/Sufferfest cares, personally I have limited time for training (family, work etc) but commit to a training plan and it is very frustrating and demotivating when training cannot be done in the window of time I have set aside.

Anyway, wahoo/sufferfest have my yearly subscription so they are happy.

I’ve been on sufferfest for 2.5 years now, after 3 years of Zwift, but I would not blame anybody for choosing Zwift considering the reliability of the last few months.

They really need a service status/up time page to let people know when they are having issues, otherwise I am thinking they do not think our time is important… in fact I have paid them to waste my time today… who’s the fool?


Forgot to mention, just tried again, videos still not working… luckily I have a gym in the garage to work out my frustrations

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I managed to complete my recovery ride by switching off the video content.
Obviously not a solution for the post work out yoga :pensive:


Have you tried downloading?

I’ve just tried streaming Vice Grips and Blender(mini). Vice Grips ran ok at first but Blender was just frozen. Then vice grips froze when I retried.

Both downloaded fine and seem to play without issue.

UK (Scotland) based.

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Aha that’s why I can’t do the shovel tonight then…

All dressed up and no party to go to :frowning:

Not sure I can do it without the video but might try for extra suffer points

There really should be a flag in the app that notifies users that there is a “global issue” or something and stop us all wasting our time. I’ve been pressing buttons, restarting, hopping on one leg for half an hour too!


I’ve just created a feature request post for some kind of service status page or flag in the app, everybody give it some love and tell them how you feel…


downloading was not working for me this time I’m afraid, just hung on downloading… seemed it wasn’t giving anything up

Me also very frustrating, I was hoping this was going to be more stable than Zwift but it does not look good still in trial period so casting some doubt on this, shame it was looking good. I agree with others need a way of reporting a status

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Downloading worked for me. Yoga session saved :slight_smile:

Just downloaded Changement de Roux successfully. It took ab. 5mins but it succeeded.
For those who have problems and have VPN on. Try using different location, then restart SYSTM.
That may help switching to another (working) SYSTM server.

Folks, first and foremost, content is hosted on systems that may be out of Wahoo’s control. Second, there appears to be a concentrated effort to kill Amazon Web Services servers.
Third, and lastly, if you have the capacity ALWAYS download your workout sessions. Any number of bad things can happen that will interfere with Suffering. My computer is basically now a Sufferfest/SYSTM playback device. I do most of my work on my mobile device…

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This morning it did seem to work again, sort of. It took some time to load up and the first 2 minutes were bad but after that no more problems.

Those wanting a service status:

Note that video servers are around the globe, so different regions can be affected at different times.

So if you have a problem, best to say where in the world you are.