Rides disappearing

Just logged back on after 5 days of inactivity and notice that two rides and a yoga and strength session have suddenly been lost and now show as not having been completed. What’s the point of trying to follow a training plan if the SYSTM, keeps dropping activities?
Anyone else finding activities being dropped?


Reach out to the minions. If there be data, they’ll find it. I’ve never had that happen.



Log onto tge web site as well. Sometimes the application will not show a workout done, but the web site will.

Not seen that before. Def do as Glen suggests as ask the help folks.

When you say it keeps dropping activities - has this been a regular thing? If so, let the minions (help folks) know that too.

Irritating though software bugs are (hopefully this is a one off though) - you’ve still done the work :muscle:

Hope you get it sorted.

Hey Sirs @Martin and @jmckenzieKOS, the OP posted this last February 2022. I’m guessing they got it sorted (or not) and have since not spent much time on the forums :stuck_out_tongue:

Comedy. It came up on my new content list. Hey ho.


It just came up as a new post. Wonder if it got lost in the Lower Dungeon.


It came up as a new post for me as well.

I think it was around that time, I had finished rides that never synced to the server. After a bit of back and forth with the minions, I think they fixed the problem.

Glad it was not a FF that disappeared.