Apple M1 Chips

Has anyone got one of the new Macs with the M1 chip and running the Suf App?

I may be able to pick a MacBook Air or Pro (8gb ram, 256gb SSD) in a deal through work. My guess is it should run the app absolutely fine and possibly quite well. Just wanted to pick the hive brain if there’s already some real world experience of it :slight_smile:

If the MacBook runs an approved version of iOS I can’t imagine what processor it runs on is so important.

Or have I missed something?

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It runs Mac OS Big Sur but I know a lot of apps at the moment have to run through Rosetta 2 in x86 emulation mode. You “can” run iOS apps but apparently it’s not ideal as it’s not properly windowed.

From what I’ve read the Rosetta 2 emulator is really good though and ultimately as code bases are updated they’ll just run natively.

But I’m largely repeating stuff I only vaguely understand :slight_smile:

Ok. You went a bit deeper than I did. I usually get a bit lost around abstraction layers and applications …

Does the M1 handle the graphics, too?

I “think” so, but I don’t know for certain.

I read that there could be a performance impact with apps that need the Rosetta translation. Seems like the graphics are also being affected, from what you say about the windowing.

Maybe better to wait until either Apple or Suf qualify its use.

That’s why I was hoping someone may have already tried it. I may just get one anyway as we’re after a new laptop. It’d just be another tick in the plus box if I knew it worked ok :slight_smile:

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I got one. Macbook Air M1. SUF runs flawless with Rosetta, no worries. The emulation works seamless and without any impact on performance. SUF is not a very demanding app to begin with.

Performance is incredible. I got one for 4K editing and the online reviews are right - it‘s really good.

Pull the trigger, Lee. You won‘t regret it.


Awesome cheers. Just need to run it past the boss :slight_smile:

I’m guessing as I’m not a power user the Air v Pro is fine?

Also, one more question. USB, I see it only has type C ports, but as I understand it I can plug in any old usb C hub and plug in the older square type connectors to that?!

Trigger pulled!! :slight_smile: As it’s throughout gh a work scheme it may take a week or two for delivery but they’re saying it should be before Sufmas :slight_smile:


The Air is almost as powerful as the Pro this time around. The only real difference is passive cooling on the Air vs. having a fan in the Pro, therefore the Pro won‘t throttle power under load (as much).

USB-C will accept any kind of dongle, yes. Sadly, in the Apple-verse you have to get used to a lot of dongles…

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Thanks @Pierre :slight_smile: I added a usb C to standard dongle onto the order as it worked out cheaper than buying one.

Think I’ll pick up a usb C hub for the cave so I can just plug one cable in to get the hdmi and any other bits plugged in. I like things to be simple :slight_smile:

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I hope you will enjoy your new Macbook - it‘s a great choice.

Did you go with the standard 8GB RAM model? In OSX 8GB are plenty even for the foreseeable future.

By the way, I am always using third party dongles from Amazon. They work like a charm and only cost about half of Apples offerings.

Yeah they didn’t have the 16gb option on the scheme. I ordered the official usb C to normal adaptor, but only because they had it.

For the hub I’ll just pick something up on Amazon. Looks like £20-£35 depending on exactly what I want.

Really looking forward to getting it :slight_smile: I’ll be able to suffer on all available platforms when it comes as I’ve still got my old iPad kicking around (I’m an Android man in the main).

Just a recommendation from someone who has experience with USB C on Mac’s, where there is an option to buy Thunderbolt 3 versions of the device (hub or cables as an example), pay the little extra and go that route. Both are the same plug but the Mac supports Thunderbolt 3 which requires certification to be branded as Thunderbolt. My experience is that Thunderbolt certified devices are far more stable, and they benefit from even greater capability and performance. As an example, when. I was connecting USB C external storage they would randomly disconnect (especially when tasked), but the Thunderbolt based devices would not. The Thunderbolt devices also would not heat up nearly as much and were faster.

Enjoy the new M1. I didn’t think I would be interested in it, but everything I have read and seen now has me waiting to see what the bigger Pro’s will look like.


Thank you for the tip! Yeah I imagine for power users the next M1X (or is it M2) chips are going to be awesome!

Happy for those who already got an M1 mac. If you’re interested in a good review about it read here i found it really good. So if I’d be on the market for one laptop I’d go for the air M1!


Lee, did you get your new machine and a chance to play around with it yet?

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Should arrive tomorrow :slight_smile:

Got the usb c dock all set up in the pain cave earlier. So once I’ve got it set up and the Suf app installed it should just be a nice easy one cable set up. Got one with power delivery as well so it can even charge it.

Can’t wait!!


Oooh, SUF-mas it is. :slight_smile: Enjoy.

I’m interested to hear how the machine is treating you when you gathered some experience with it.

I like mine more and more each day.

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